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  1. I started with evernote an one PC and later got a different PC where I continued still on the same account. That second PC has since been destroyed along with the disk holding the EN data, that is now only online. I've fallen back to my original PC for now but that orig pc's on disk EN is now way out of date with the online data and holds much less data than is available online I want to make sure that if I start the pc version and click sync I won't be erasing a bunch of the online data. Should I move whatever data is on the PC to a thumb drive and leave EN empty on disk before syncing? Or is it safe to just open the PC version and sync with server... maybe ending with some duplication.
  2. I use the Hacker's keyboard and have assigned in inside my android device. However, when I open evernote the Hacker's keyboard disappears and what I guess is the Samsung keyboard appears. Is it possible to use different keyboards in evernote on android?
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