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  1. I have this problem too. Honestly, Evernote gets worse with each iteration.
  2. The webclipper is the only reason to stay with evernote, but this has happened to me before and it's happening again now. None of the above solutions work for me, and I've had enough now—I can't be bothered to waste more time on this shoddy product. I'm a premium customer, but I won't be renewing. It's DEVONthink all the way from now on.
  3. Hi, it changes my preference from 'always start in inbox' to 'use smart filing, so the radio button switches from the bottom button to the top. Thanks.
  4. The web-clipper in Safari has an annoying habit of ignoring my default notebook. I set 'inbox' as my preferred destination for new clippings, but the web-clipper will, after a while, decide that it knows best and clip to the notebook that it thinks is the best choice. So then I have to go back into preferences and re-set 'inbox' as the default. Is this one of those glitches that I just have to put up with, or is it something that can be fixed? Thanks.
  5. Nope; just tested it - exactly the same.
  6. I had this problem a while back; if you erase all website data in Safari, you erase the Evernote cookie that lets Safari know you've already seen this, so the system shows you again. Admin told me I just had to live with it, or stop erasing history, cookies, etc.
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