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  1. I have this problem too. Honestly, Evernote gets worse with each iteration.
  2. The webclipper is the only reason to stay with evernote, but this has happened to me before and it's happening again now. None of the above solutions work for me, and I've had enough now—I can't be bothered to waste more time on this shoddy product. I'm a premium customer, but I won't be renewing. It's DEVONthink all the way from now on.
  3. Hi, it changes my preference from 'always start in inbox' to 'use smart filing, so the radio button switches from the bottom button to the top. Thanks.
  4. The web-clipper in Safari has an annoying habit of ignoring my default notebook. I set 'inbox' as my preferred destination for new clippings, but the web-clipper will, after a while, decide that it knows best and clip to the notebook that it thinks is the best choice. So then I have to go back into preferences and re-set 'inbox' as the default. Is this one of those glitches that I just have to put up with, or is it something that can be fixed? Thanks.
  5. Don't worry, Haralds, they'll get around to you' they might have a lot of traffic at the moment.
  6. Hi, gbarry, please rename it - perhaps 'humble pie eaten by irascible old man.' The agent has indeed sorted the problem out for me, so I'm back as a premium user. Hurrah! While I've got your attention, can I make four feature requests for the editor? Dark mode. Line spacing. Strike-through. Zoom. Thank you for your kind attention, and apologies for being a short-tempered grouch. H.
  7. Hi, gazumped, well, it's good to know someone here is listening. Your explanation makes sense; I got a response from them on Saturday, so I assumed that EN employed people round the clock. The ticket number is 1431746. I guess that as it's early morning in California, I won't hear anything until this evening. We shall see. Thanks for your help. I really hope that EN doesn't go under, for, despite its many shortcomings, it's still better than anything else out there.
  8. I renewed my premium subscription via the i-tunes store for 1 year, 4 days ago. Since yesterday, my account has been downgraded to basic. I've raised a ticket, provided a copy of the receipt, and still nothing. If this is how Evernote treat their paying customers, then it's no surprise that the business world is awash with rumours of their immanent demise.
  9. OK, for anyone interested. Support have told me that this is actually built in to the system. It seems odd, to me, to build in a behaviour that is less useful than what was there before. I have come to expect that sort of thing from Apple, but I rather hoped that Evernote was committed to improving their products. As for why it bothers me - I'm a premium user; I pay for this product. I would be unhappy to buy a car, discover that one cylinder stops working only to be told that, 'we built it that way, and hey, the other three work fine, so what's the problem?'
  10. Thanks, I'll give that a try. Evernote support have given up on this, and I'm beginning to question whether a premium account is worth the cost.
  11. Hi, I've done all that - it's made no difference. I used appcleaner to find all the files associated with en, trashed them all, trashed en, restarted and reinstalled from the en site. Same problem occurs. It's driving me nuts!
  12. The update has made no difference. It's becoming such an irritation that I'm actively searching for an alternative to evernote.
  13. Nope; just tested it - exactly the same.
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