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  1. Thank you fod your feedbacks! I'll check the IFTTT (Ari Meisel highly recommended it as well) Maybe I didn't check the detailed price structure of Instapaper, I thought it's more like $4 a month. $1 is definitely friendlier. I do not want to archive anything, read and delete is my workflow. Feel lighter by doing so. (Or at least definitely not "Remember Everything" like the Evernot slogan; if something I really like or will need, process it accordingly on a one-on-one basis) (OFF: 1st paragraph here: http://markmanson.net/minimalism I find it healthy to offload some bits as well.) However I have a strong inclinatoin for free software (dunno why, but there are people like this), on my (Windows) desktop all my needs are superbly met for free (I jsut today retired total Commander for good). Even if the solution will not be ideal, I feel better at the end of it. On the Internet nothing beats free as a price point. (And the accompanying business model: they will buy us out.) Anyways, would be funny if the only piece of software I paid for were a reading app monhly subscription. Anyways, now I am in the market for a new smartphone and at the moment I am like, it's going to be a Windows Phone (would be funny if I had to choose another just for Instapaper) Readability.com (also not on Windows Phone) might be promising nonetheless, but maybe there is a bug, I can't use, contancted support. Besides all this, how to use Evernote Clearly? I couldn't figure it out (Firefox). If I am here, I liked the video. Readability update: http://www.candlerblog.com/2012/03/01/readability/ For a minimum of $5 per month, Readability will pay out 70% of your fee to the writers whose sites you read most. As far as I can tell, as a user you don’t get anything extra (besides good karma) for subscribing. That's what I call a business model!
  2. Hi GrumpyMonkey! Mission: to read flowing text (~ similar to HTML or EPUB) on mobile devices such as Android/iOS smartphones/tablets. PDF is just the worst file format you can read, as it is rigid, it's esp. bad on a smaller screen mobile devide (tablet, too). I need the highlights and note taking also badly. Actually, one of the most convenient to way to read this way is to read Kindle or EPUB ebooks. You can also convert HTML article pages to EPUB with Calibre with a few clicks. It is just, that it is cumbersome, converting, say, three shorter articles to "ebooks" then upload it on-by-one to device. I want to move on. Do you know Instapaper? Seriously, this app is almost what I need... it is just more of a premium app for my taste. (It is well worth checking out, nonetheless.) There has to be competition. So, a sycing reading app, like Instapaper or Pocket (do you know it? too bad it doesn't support highlighting at all) solves the problem of the need to convert articles to "books"; they just sync your content to your mobile devide for your reading pleasure. How Evernote comes into the picture? The Web Clipper is just a clipper; it saves your articles; nothing special. What got my interest is the Clearly add-on: which seem to work similar to reading app like Instapaper or Pocket; it makes a clutter-free, polished reading experience to Evernote. I just can't figure out how to work with it; I am even unable to save the pages of interest on the web. Is it what I need? Then how to use it for my purposes? If not, what else is there for me? I thought there should be a competitor to Instapaper which offers more than 5 highlights a month. Ref. Instapaper: https://www.instapaper.com/ Pocket: https://getpocket.com/
  3. 1st, I wonder if Evernote is the right tool of the trade at all. Or what other apps can do this for me for free? Instapaper is almost perfect except it allows only 5 highlights a month(!!!) for free users. That will not cut it for me. I downloaded the Web Clipper and the Clearly add-ons to my browser but frankly, it is not intuitive how I should proceed. The ultimate goal is to read on mobile devices, Android and iOS, but I guess it should work first on the desktop/in the web equally. Finally, hello everyone!
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