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  1. Thanks Gazumped. Never heard of transclusion up until now- thanks for sharing the name.
  2. Love Evernote. Two feature requests: Dynamic Snippets I find that I frequently have the same content in more than one note. It would be great if there was a way to cordon off sections of content as "dynamic snippets" that can be copied/pasted. When a snippet is edited in one note, the changes are reflected in all notes. For example, I have a high level note that contains the schedules for all of my projects so I can see how my available resources map together/conflict. I also have project specific notes that contain all project related information, including schedule. I hate that I have to make edits to both when the schedule changes. If I could just select a group of content with the mouse cursor and define it/name it as a "snippet" then paste it into another note and have it change dynamically, that would be awesome. Faster Linking I actually use Evernote like a wiki, with a home page that has links to projects and processes, with deeper pages linking off those. It's much easier to navigate a huge number of notes with this kind of link based/contextual hierarchal structure. Therefore, I find myself frequently creating new notes, then saving/syncing them, then right clicking on them in the list, then selecting "Copy Note Link," then going back to the parent page and pasting in a link. This could be much faster. How about a way to just type in some text, highlight it with the mouse cursor, right click, and have an option that essentially does this: Creates a new note with the name [sELECTED TEXT]Links the selected text to the new noteSaves/syncs the current noteAutomatically opens the newly created note for editingMaybe the option could be labelled "Link to a New Note and Save." Thanks for listening. Jeremy
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