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  1. I can see all my notes, and infact a few PDF's. The PDFs I can see have been raised on other devices (ie, my home PC) Any PDF added from the Tablet itself is entirely white/blank, when viewed on the tablet. The same PDF is entirely visible on the other devices though, weird!.. In the notebooks view, I can see all the thumbnails too,problem seems to be when you open its own viewer to view those particular PDFs. Plenty of space left, 7gb of internal memory, and a blank SD card for anything else. #baffled.
  2. Hi All - Ive searched the forums to find similar comments about lack of preview or blank PDF pages within notes... wondering if anyone can help me with Android? Im importing a PDF directly into Evernote, the attachment icon shows, I can open it, but ALL pages are blank. This is only on android, as within a few moments, the same note is synced across my devices and I can see it perfectly on iPhone (app) and PC (program) Seems the problem is direct on Android (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3) - all pages are blank. I have reinstalled and tried different things, but this is a bit of a deal breaker. Im premium too! Any help most welcome.
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