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  1. Initially the ix500 would be probably be better as I have thousands of docs to archive, and I need to send a lot of them to Google Drive and Dropbox, so I can simply load it up 50 sheets at a time and let it scan away. After the initial scanning is done, then most stuff I receive and scan will go into Evernote.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I dont think that putting blank sheets in between docs is a good solution as it means more work at the other end taking out blank pages. Scanning them in one-by-one would be easier. TBH - I am edging more towards the standard ix500 and setting up custom profiles for doing multiple single or double page docs, plus it is over £100 cheaper in the UK.
  3. As someone who is in a market for a new scanner, this is quite a big issue for me. I have thousands of documents to scan and archive, and I need the ability to have them saved as individual documents.
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