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  1. I tried it on a PC. It just crashed over and over. Totally useless. I tried it on my Mac. It worked a little better. Overall, it was not a good experience. I was very disappointed. My workaround for now is to type notes below the image, which was my weekly plan. So, for now, I'll just type new todos, etc separately outside the image. It doesn't work at all on the PC. I will try again on the Mac. Thanks for the encouragement.
  2. Thank you. That was helpful. I retrieved the note. Interesting.. I tried the annotation function. It doesn't work at all. I just typed additional text below the note.
  3. If a topic is important enough to make a video, can they please post a transcript below the video? Some folks like video, some like to read. I want to get something done, and it is frustrating to have to sit through a video to find out what I need to know, when scanning a doc might provide the answer in 30 seconds. Please provide transcripts below the videos. I find the lack of at least a written summary to be tremendously frustrating!
  4. Simon, You are a genius! i opened a note in Acrobat, rotated and saved it and "poof" it was fixed in Evernote. Problem solved forever! Thanks! Stu
  5. Don't overlook the Preview app natively offered FREE by Apple. It is crazy powerful and very easy to use. Much easier to figure out than Adobe.
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