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  1. I'm sorry to see folks leave a program that normally does do what you'd like to do. Unfortunately you folks are correct in the visible arrogance of some of the moderators. I can understand your dissatisfaction with this group. I am glad to see that others agree with my view of this group of responders. I had decided not to use this forum any more and only decided to look again when I received email that there were new comments here. It would have been so much better had those folks spent more time seeing if what features its users would like to have, instead of berating them as stupid for not wanting to use a feature that is definitely limited, no matter how easy it is to use. It looks like some folks have reaped what they sowed. Sorry to see you leave Mamparra but I certainly understand why you chose to do so. Good luck and regards.
  2. Ever since I first encountered Evernote, I have been one of its strongest adhearents. I love the program and have been raving about it amongst my Amateur Radio friends. I was therefore very surprised when I made my first or second post in the forum and seemed to get a relatively negative response to a simple suggestion. One problem with the written word is that you can't always tell the attitude of the person responding to what you are saying. I'll assume that was what happened when I made my suggestion. I am sure the "Group Illustrious" is sincerely attempting to help users as much as possible. Since I am not a commercial user and it seems that most of the emphasis is aimed at that group, I should just maintain a low profile and gleen as much information as I can without making waves or responding in a negative manner. I guess I shouldn't expect to get that warm and fuzzy feeling when I visit. Evernote is after all a FREE program to non commercial users and that's a good thing. I am therefore thankful for its availability and use. W1PI
  3. Well Mr. Moderator, you may not be affiliated with Evernote and it makes me wonder why someone who is not from Evernote responds to my comments. You appear to be saying, "It's my way or the highway." Like I said, "In my humble opinion" it would be good to have notebooks sortable differently for each notebook. I would love to hear from an Evernote designer as to their opinion. In any event it looks like you have your mind set and those of us who may think differently are just out of luck. Thanks for your response, I can now scratch Evernote Forum off my list of usable forums. Sincerely, CJWelsh, W1PI Any Hams reading this can join me on the *QRP* Conference Server on Echolink, Monday thru Saturday at 11 a.m. Eastern Time.
  4. I don't agree that when a notebook sort is different from the default, that you can easily make the change. I think an effort should be made to allow different sorting of different notebooks. I have run into this recently and I found it to be irritating to have to switch back and forth with the sorting when you jump between notebooks. Personally I favor being able to sort different notebook differently. That's just it, my personal opinion.
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