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  1. Interesting. Do you mean that you are unable to outdent? The toolbar button doesn't work? Or the keyboard shortcut doesnt' work?
  2. I'm not able to reproduce this -- does it happen with every note and every bullet list item?
  3. Are you having problems deleting any column? Or is it that some columns can't be deleted, but some can? Also, the minimum width should be 70 px -- is that what you are seeing?
  4. What is broken about cut and pasting bullets? Do they fail to paste? Or is the paste wrong in one way or another? Or something else?
  5. @mtnbnd Thanks for reporting this. If you don't see it in the next public release, you'll see it in the one after.
  6. Thanks for reporting this -- the issue with "&" and " " being pasted has been fixed in internal builds.
  7. Yep, we know about this one and we are working on it now. Thanks for reporting!
  8. Thanks for reporting this, we are aware of the issue. It has been fixed in internal builds, and will be available in the next beta. Your lists will only be modified if you open the note and make an edit. If you do not open the note and edit it, the lists will not be modified.
  9. Thanks. Is the typing slow and laggy on all notes -- or just some notes? If it is just slow on some notes, are they really long notes?
  10. Thanks so much for finding this -- we will look into it right away
  11. Howdy, Thanks for reporting this -- are you using "Paste and Match Style"? If so, do you get the same behavior with normal paste?
  12. Hey everyone, We are listening and know this issue has been around for a while. We know the cause of this problem and are planning to work on it, but the fix is not in yet. Thanks for the continued feedback.
  13. Thanks for the info -- this looks like a bug. I can reproduce the problem, but a temporary workaround is to first paste the image into the note, then select another note (this will cause the first note to save), then switch back to the first note and annotate the image. We will work to get this fixed. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for reaching out -- when it does work, is there something different about the image/note that you have noticed? For example, does it only work with certain types of images? We can try to reproduce this and identify the problem if you could give us more details about what images/notes it works with and which ones it does not. Thanks!
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