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  1. Thanks. This helped -- it looks like this in internal builds now :
  2. I understand, I think the horizontal rule is no problem. Nested tables are a bit trickier, and we are actually discussing this pretty heavily internally right now. I would be curious about what problem nested tables are solving for you, and why you think it is valuable.
  3. Thanks for posting. I believe most of the table issues will be fixed in the upcoming 6.11.1 release. Could you describe what happens to the tables in a bit more detail or post some screenshots?
  4. Any other Any other real-world examples from MS Office you could provide would help us make it more robust.
  5. These table styles are now pasting correctly on internal builds, and the change will roll out with 6.11.1
  6. This is now fixed in internal builds. Externally pasted content should keep its formatting. The change will be included with 6.11.1
  7. I have an idea of what might be causing it, but if you could provide an export file of an affected note, I will take a look. You can post the ENEX file here or message it to me privately, or open a support ticket and I will work with the customer support rep to investigate.
  8. Thanks for reporting this. I have fixed it on internal builds of the editor, and it will be in the 6.11.1 release
  9. I have a change in internal builds to maintain the column widths/paddings/borders in this case. We are still working to preserve the background color as well for 6.11.1. We had changes to remove some styles during paste in order to help notes look consistent when lots of varied stuff gets pasted. It is what is causing some users' code snippets to have background colors, fonts, sizes adjusted and/or removed during paste. Much of the paste behavior is intentional, but for 6.11.1 we are going to restore the previous behavior. We are planning to have more advanced paste options in upcoming releases.
  10. They both render in internal builds and seem to look okay. I will message you the screenshots
  11. Can you post the ENEX file, or message me directly and share it with me? I believe this is fixed internally.
  12. Thanks I am looking into this one now. I can reproduce with the word file you posted
  13. Thank you. I have the before and after files. 1) The development team is definitely aware of the issue -- I am the manager for the development team that writes the note editor for all of the Evernote clients. We are trying to make a change that will fix this for the next patch release of Mac 6.11 2) Code blocks will probably still remove the block-level background color of this content in this build, and do not currently support syntax highlighting. It is something we would consider in the future, but not for the patch release of Mac 6.11. The fix for #1 is in the works right now.
  14. Thank you. Can you provide the ENEX file for both the good and the bad versions of the note? You can post it here, PM me here, or open a support ticket. Once I see the ENEX files, I can understand why this happening for this note.
  15. I believe this problem has been fixed in internal builds -- can you provide an ENEX to support for me to verify? Thank you.
  16. Sorry to hear this -- can you provide some of these notes to the support team and let me know the ticket number, or just let me know you made a ticket. I will verify that internal builds have fixed this problem.
  17. Thanks for reporting this. If you could provide an ENEX file to support, I will verify that internal builds have resolved the problem.
  18. I'm interested to get more details on this one. Can you please post a before and after screenshot, or provide a detailed description of which styles are lost, and which styles are kept? Note formatting should not be altered for existing notes.
  19. Yes, we are making a change that will keep the text colors when pasting.
  20. Hi, some of these styles may be removed intentionally now, in a way that differs from earlier releases. Can you provide before/after screenshots?
  21. Hi there, can you provide before and after screenshots here, so we can see what formatting is lost? It is possible that we are intentionally removing some formats, in a way that differs from previous releases.
  22. For some slow loading notes, you may see the placeholder text in the note that says "Drag files here or just start typing" before the note loads. Although you see this text, you should not be able to put your cursor in the note and start typing -- in 6.11. It may be possible to put your cursor in the note during the loading time in 6.9.2, but I believe 6.11 will prevent you from typing in the note until the note loads. Please let us know if you are indeed able to see your cursor blinking in the note area before the note content loads -- in 6.11. We are working on speeding up the note loading all around, which should stop the placeholder text from appearing unnecessarily.
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