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  1. Thank you for your help. The solution in that link worked well (though I still wish it was possible to recover my edits...). I only heard from support today, asking if I still had the problem.
  2. Hello. I'm using Evernote for Windows on Windows Vista. On 19th of June, I filed the following support ticket with attached screenshot and received confirmation of receiving the ticket #584377: I've found a couple of topics regarding this error and they all end with advice to file a ticket (and sometimes a mention that a ticket was closed without any notice). I understand that as a free user it will take some time for my request to be processed, however I think this is pushing it a little. My question is as above. Failing that, how can I make sure that after removing the corrupted database, my notes will be downloaded from the web instead of lost? I've been using Evernote for years, and they are vital both to my schoolwork and otherwise. Thank you for your assistance.
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