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  1. Never mind.. ignore the post.. after going on line and reading more, I decided to remove this program.. It never worked very well from the start, is NOT an easy program to master, and well, from my point of view, it looked good, but didn't do anything I wanted it to do and, its a BIG security risk. Nope..
  2. Ok, Details: Just got A new Galaxy tab pro 8.4. Got Evernote for it, got Desktop windows 7 version of evernote for that. Created note books on both desktop and tablet that are different. Desktop is wired directly via cat 5 cable to the Comcast cable modem. Tablet is using wifi to talk to comcast cable modem. Both programs will not sync. They did once befor.. no longer do.. any ideas? Also, can't see to get any text files from windows to drop into any of the notebooks in the windows version of evernote. Also, when we sync does this stuff go to a cloud server then over to the device? I mean, it doesn't directly sync the files from the tablet to the computer, or vice versa? Thanks.
  3. I have windows 7, and the ever note ap there. I have a Galaxy Tab pro 8.4 tablet. I have txt files on my desktop and in windows folders that I have tried to drop and drag into one of 5 notebooks I created in evernote. Yet not one of these text files seem to be moving or copying to the desigated notebook.. Can anyone tell me why?
  4. Ya know, thats why I tried this program.. And Ive tried the Drop and drag the txt files into "notebook1" which was the first notebook I created.. Yet they never show up in the book, and never sync to my tablet.. (windows 7, Galaxy pro tab 8.4)
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