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  1. Thanks man! Just to clear one thing. I don't get who could use this functionality when they have several, tens or even hundreds of reminders like most people have. If reminder is described as TODO item (you have checkbox there) natural way of thinking is to be able to filter it by date. Anyway don't get me wrong here, I'm not lazy But hey, anybody is using this feature? I can feel what you mean here, had the same with the calendar app were I was trying all of those different fancy options (Any Cal, DigiCal) and finally I stick to Google because after all it has same functionality.
  2. Hello everyone, I think I am really fortunate to find out that I came across The Secret Weapon and Evernote. The only issue, cherry on the pie if you will is one feature I would like to have or just if you guys could help me out with directions in using other apps. Lets crack into it. I use reminders as to do list - I think they were designed to be to do items anyway since you can setup the reminder without any date. The only problem is that I have many reminders I don't currently want to act on. TODO ITEMS/REMINDERS for specific tag or date: very helpful feature would be to be able to filter reminders not just by "Being reminder" but also by tag or date - in my case it is "! 1-Now" tag or "today" date. This would save me having todos in 2 different places. I would have my todos with best note taking functionality in the world. I know you guys have a lot of feature requests, this is not probably the first one of this type (I've seen the thread and on this without actions on it). I used all most popular to do apps on android and unfortunately I couldn't find suitable, as neat as this Evernote Android Widget. I tried to use google keep, any.do etc and I don't really like the design and idea that I will have them in to different places. Anybody had the same problem or found better solution than using reminders as TODO lists? Anyway thanks for help in advance, Matt Kieblesz
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