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  1. What specific issues are you experiencing? Are you on the Mac or on Windows? If Mac, try the latest beta to see if that resolves your issue, there are some fixes for lists in the current beta release. Thanks for the reply. The same issues reported by Jim smartlumens.Frey on December 11, 2013, post #20 of this thread; https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/33973-feature-fix-fix-outline-formatting-issues/#entry247406 , Observed on Windows and Android. I do not remember if I see it on the iPad or not. This has the feel of a rewrite and/or restructure class issue, so I can understand the s
  2. Another disappointed everNOTE user - Please put me down for requesting a bug fix, an enhancement, or whatever language is appropriate in this community for making numbered lists feature work.
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