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  1. I cannot tell you how relieved I am that a real person is replying. Here are inline replies to your Q: What you're describing "My son downloaded the desktop version and we changed the email address on my account there. Upon changing the email address, evernote setup a new account (same account with a zero appended to the end) for me, with no notes in it," sounds like you created a new account with the new email address, rather than CHANGING the email address of your existing account by logging into the web client & changing it in settings (which is where you change the email address for your account). [CES]: I believe we did try to log into the web client. It was so long ago that it's hard to recall exactly what I did. Logging into the web client now, the only account that is out there is cshemeta0. So, if I accidentally created a NEW account with the NEW email address, then I should have TWO evernote accounts, which would be fine! I went to the web client and tried to sign in under my old account (cshemeta, with email cshemeta@comcast.net) and it does not exist. I tried to request a new password for this account. I think I never received an email from Evernote when I try to do that. Waiting for it now (I know I have tried this several times before...) Evernote should allow me to have 2 accounts?? Simply changing your email address (in the settings via web client) does not delete any notes. So..you should be able to log into the old account with your old email address & password...unless you actually went in via the web client & disabled it. [CES]: how does one do that? Can't anyone go into the backend and look for notes associated with account =cshemeta? I did not disable my account on the web client. I don't even know that process When did you submit your support tickets? Turnaround time for premium is one business day, California time. Free accounts as time permits. [CES]: I don't recall or save the dates. I submitted a new ticket on my paid account on 28-June, ticket number 608489. Here is the reply I got to my very detailed question, from Dominic. I do not konw what "Evernote Service account" is??? Unfortunately, we have no record of an Evernote Service account associated with the email address from which your request was sent. Please provide us with the username, and email address associated with the Evernote Service account you are inquiring about. Regards, Dominic A. [CES]: here is the question that I posed on my paid for account (I know, I am sounding whiney!) I have filed a help desk ticket on the freebee version back in May. I changed my email address and my notes were gone. Upon the email address change, evernote set a NEW account name for me: cshemeta0. All my notes are on cshemeta account, which is no longer accessible. I have been working with support since early may to no avail. Here are my ticket numbers: "Ticket# 598025 - Re: #494333: changed email address - notes are gone". I got the same questions over and over- and responded to all questions such as every account name and email address associated with the account multiple times. I asked if I paid up for premium, if I could get help. No response on that Q. They have now not responded for a few weeks so I figure I'll try this approach. I had faith that my notes were secure and saved, and alas they were not. I'm happy to pay up the $45/year for an annual premium license if I KNOW that my notes are secure. If anyone on this earth can get my notes back I'll pay up instantly!! Please help.
  2. Back in April this year, I wanted to setup my Evernote (free) account with my new gmail account. I also wanted to check my notes without having my phone. My son had my phone for a day, so I checked online to see if I could (hopefully!!) access my notes on the evernote.com website, and found that I could not. So I set out with 2 missions: access my notes online, and update my email address on my account. My son downloaded the desktop version and we changed the email address on my account there. Upon changing the email address, evernote setup a new account (same account with a zero appended to the end) for me, with no notes in it, and disabled my old account. I filed a help desk ticket and I must have been asked 6 times to provide all the account names and email addresses that were ever used. (only two: the old one (with the notes in it) with the old email address, and the new account that evernote setup, with no notes in it. I have made no progress with the help desk in 2 months now. My next plan of attack is to signup for a paid account to see if I can get some support that way. Here are my ticket numbers: First ticket - Re: #494333: changed email address - notes are gone Second ticket: Ticket# 598025 Paid account ticket: Ticket# 608489 - changed my email and notes disappeared It's so sad. Evernote is the best thing ever. I have missed it so much and would be eternally grateful if somehow I can get my notes back. If not, alas, I will start from scratch, but my confidence in the safekeeping of my precious notes is severely compromised! Are there any suggestions for me?
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