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  1. Hi Scott, Thnx for your advice, found the undo button jogi
  2. @Gary, Thnx, Indeed i found the undo function in my Windows desktop. However, most of the time (>95%) i aim using Evernote on my iPad. I can't find the undo function there. So if you have the answer for me you would make me very happy jogi
  3. to be sure we understand each other, i mean an undo function for accidentally deleted text in a note, not a deleted note in Trashcan. by the way, this is the first time i take part in this evernote forum jogi
  4. thnx, but where can i find that function? And what doe you mean by "what client" ? I am using Evernote version 5.5.1
  5. Does Evernote have an undo-function?
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