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  1. I'm also experiencing this... came out of the blue. I clip dozens of articles each week into my Evernote database from all across the internet (PDFs as well as full webpages and images). I used to get this error once every month or so. Now probably about 80% of the pages I try to clip need to be reloaded. Sometimes it takes 3-5 refreshes for the web clipper to work. I'm experiencing this on Chrome across both Windows and macOS Sierra.
  2. Same issue - on OS X Yosemite/Chrome 45. Clips multiple tabs, sources the wrong text, creates blank notes. All sorts of problems - it's basically unusable and has brought my research to a screeching halt
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies. I took the advice above and 1) Installed Evernote's Mac client, synced all my notes 2) Duplicated all notes tagged into a separate notebook 3) Made that notebook public This method works, but there are still some major complaints I have: 1) I downloaded and started syncing at the time of the original reply - June 27th around 8pm. It is now June 29th at 12:30pm. That is how long it took to sync, which is ridiculous. It also took up so much of my computer's processing power that I was basically not able to use my computer the past couple days. Evernote devs - you need to create a better app. 2) In duplicating all of the notes and moving them to a new notebook, not only do I now have an additional 500 notes that are unnecessary, but that now muddies my searches during my regular work with duplicate search results. Not the end of the world, but incredibly cumbersome. 3) In order to keep this database updated, I'll have to either manually save to both locations every single time I create a new note. OR I will need to periodically recreate the entire thing from scratch, which will take hours yet again to sync 4) In moving all of my tagged notes to a single notebook, they are now all stripped of their categorization - i.e., audio, document, report, news article, etc. I suppose I could have gone notebook-by-notebook, sorted out and added tags to just those notes before duplicating and moving them, but honestly that would have taken additional hours of work to manage/sync. None of this should be necessary - sharing by tags is something that has been requested multiple times on these forums. I understand there are workarounds, but, seeing how incredibly difficult this was, it's not really a feasible or reasonable solution to give to paying customers. It's also limiting since I couldn't imagine doing this for all the tags I honestly need to. I ideally would like to make my research available on a per-country basis, but there is no way I'm going through this process for 200 tags. Evernote devs - I love your product, but please let us know when this gap is filled.
  4. Thanks for the reply! That's a good point - I've tried it before, but honestly I avoid the OS X application as much as possible. It's pretty glitchy and hardly ever successfully syncs for me. If it gets close it often takes leaving it overnight and still is a bit unmanageable. I have a support thread opened about that (waiting for the relaunch in beta now). I can't really blame it... I have a lot of stuff saved haha But yes let me try that on my computer that has the app.
  5. I know there are other threads on this, but the more the merrier. I am a researcher with an extensive evernote archive. I use primarily the web clipper and have 5,000 or so notes. They are sorted into about 20 notebooks according their medium (image, report, audio, news article, video, etc.) and they are tagged based on several hundred intersecting topics (e.g., europe, EU, Turkey, democratization, accession, constitution, civil society, etc.) Say I want to share everything I have saved about Turkey with someone. I have about 500 notes I would like to make available, but there is absolutely no way for me to do that unless I move them each to a single notebook... thus stripping them their classifications and half of my matrix hierarchy. I REALLY need to be able to share based on tags (ideally) or duplicate and copy to a notebook that I can then share. The database I am constantly curating is made obsolete by my inability to make it available. Evernote has been the most amazing tool to gather all my difference sources, but this is a pretty glaring hole that is disappointing to have not been addressed despite all the user feedback. Please help with this!
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