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  1. Not very constructive but i would just like to add that i too experience way too many updates. I have now disabled 'check for udpates' on all my devices and switched to the web interface. I am not a power user, I do use evernote daily to sync notes, as I have always done and I'd like to think many of the users do. I am sorry to put it like this, but no I will not read release notes and no I will not reboot my pc because evernote needs to update some services. I know this sounds (and actually is) quite ungrateful, nobody is forcing me to use evernote, but it's just the way it is. I use evernote to be more productive and dealing with the updates contantly on all my devices is not productive at all. A good example of a non intrusive way of updating would be spotify, which asks politely in its statusbar if you would like to restart the software to get the latest version. I believe this will be enough for 95% of the users, the other 5% probably knows where to find the release notes, version numbers, etc. I just don't care. /rant but thanks for the great product ;-)
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