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  1. I just tested Ethernet. I started Evernote while my laptop was disconnected (and wifi disabled), Evernote started and the CPU usage stayed low at first. I thought the problem had mysteriously disappeared but after a dozen seconds CPU usage again rose to 25%. Then I plugged the Ethernet cable and CPU soon returned to normal. After a few minutes I unplugged the Ethernet cable. As soon as I brought the Evernote window to the foreground, Evernote began eating one of my cores. And as soon as I replugged the Ethernet cable, CPU usage fell back to normal.
  2. OK, as often I was not clear enough. What I meant is that I can stay months without almost using Evernote, or using it only on my tablet. Then suddenly, for a few weeks, I'll be using it on my laptop every few days or more often. The problem occurred in the middle of one of those laptop phases. "In the middle", so that the bulk of the synchronizations should have been performed before. And it happened not once but systematically, my laptop being connected and Evernote synchronized between occurrences of the problem. I repeat: Evernote is loaded, wifi (and Internet) is on, Evernote is synchronized, without doing any editing in Evernote I disable the wifi (which means I disconnect internet) and immediately Evernote eats one core of my laptop. I reconnect the wifi and Evernote releases the core. Also, I use Evernote almost exclusively for text notes, so that the volume of data to be synchronized is small. And last: I would understand Evernote using lots of CPU *during* synchronization. But when my laptop is disconnected from internet, no synchronization can be performed, so that all that Evernote has to do (apart from when I am actively editing of course) is check periodically if the laptop is online again. BTW, you may be misunderstanding my report: the CPU high usage does not occur when my wifi is used by another application (at least not that I noticed). It happens when I disable the wifi entirely. And when that happens, Evernote is the application which by far is using the most CPU, and it stays that way until I enable the wifi. If another application suffers about my wifi being disabled, at least it has the politeness of being silent about it :-)
  3. I wasn't thinking of wifi specifically, but rather of internet connection. Tomorrow, I'll be visiting a friend where I connect using an Ethernet cable rather than wifi. This will allow me to do some further tests.
  4. I am running Evernote on a Windows 7 64 bits laptop. I use Evernote by bursts, not using it on my laptop for months in a row. In the last days, I noticed that my CPU meter was often high. I checked (using both Process Lasso and Process Explorer), and I found that Evernote.exe (not EvernoteTray nor EvernoteClipper) was using one of my cores. My HD leds are not especially busy when Evernote is behaving thus. I checked that Evernote could eat up my battery for dozens of minutes and I had to exit it completely in order to get my CPU back to low usage levels. My laptop is often completely unconnected and I felt there was a relation to this. So I just checked. I disabled my wifi and nothing happened. Then I loaded Evernote and immediately the CPU rose to 25% (I have 4 cores). I enabled the wifi and the CPU fell again. Next, I loaded Evernote (wifi enabled) and disabled the wfi while Evernote was open. Once again, Evernote's CPU usage rose to 25% (but now this happened when I disabled the wifi) and fell back to normal when I enabled the wifi. Then by pure luck, I put my Firefox window in full screen, so that Evernote's window was invisible, and while Evernote's window was hidden I disabled the wifi. I noticed the CPU did not rise. But it did rise as soon as I brought the Evernote window to the front, and it did not return to normal until I had enabled the wifi. Last expriment : wifi disconnect at 20:01, reconnect at 21:35, same results.
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