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  1. Have submitted a support ticket as it is driving me mad every time I annotate PDFs - which is often :-)
  2. I am someone who doesn't want to show my annotation summary after annotating a PDF document, however whenever I make an annotation, the [ ] Show Annotation Summary option is automatically checked and I need to remember to un-tick it before closing the annotation window. Is it possible to turn this option off by default or at least remember the last setting? So, if I turned it off for one document, next document would remember it is off by default? Thanks Phil
  3. But doesn't help my problem. For me, I use SnapScan to scan directly to an Evernote Notebook (Local), amend as required and then file into a syncronised Notebook. Now I agree, at this point I could also rename the scanned attachment, but given I now have thousands of notes and attachments, this doesn't help :-) A bulk rename would be magical Phil
  4. I think in the case of multiple attachments then a sequence number would be attached and be numbered in the order the attachments were added to the note. Wont be right for everyone but I expect it will be right for over 80% of people. Having just spent a week scanning paperwork directly into Evernote, I have found one or two things that would make using the product easier. The naming of attachments to fit better into the workflow (of scanner directly into EN) is one of them. A nice option would be to automatically rename attachments when the note title changes - with a sub-option that offers [ ] Only for notes with one attachment or [ ] Multiple Attachments and add sequence number Or something - just need this to work better :-) Phil
  5. When I using the Rename Attachment option, it pre-populates the rename text box with the attachments current name which make is a bit painful when I am renaming the attachment to match the Note's title Is there a way to bulk rename attachments to the the Note's title that I am missing? I know you shouldn't really need to worry about the attachment's name as everything is indexed, but my must-be-tidy gene plays havoc when the attachment titles have no relation to the Note title. If not, could I request that either there is (a) Rename Attachments to Note Title option that will apply to all selected notes or ( a sticky option on the Rename dialogue that when ticked pre-populates the text box with the Note's title and not the current attachment's name? Appreciate your views Thanks Phil
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