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  1. Hm, strange. There happend some kind of sync errors meantime On other notes it does work.. Sorry
  2. Evernote Desktop has a great feature: encrypt text a part of text by password. When setting it, user is told that if he losts password, the text is unrecoverable. But! When I encrypted text and tried to open it as Shared note (anonymous access through web-browser) the text is.. Visible! Doesn't seem to be unrecoverable The same thing if I open the note in web-app or android app. Is it a proper behaviour? In my opinion, this part of text must be hidden from anywhere. Let it be recoverable only using desktop apps (by the way, why not mobile one?), but in any other cases with no possibility to enter password, it must be hidden!
  3. Hello! Thanks for the update, but why not to make autoformat features optional? They are terribly annoying for those, who don't need them. And I'm really tired to press "Ctrl-Z" for every row in a list, which I don't want to be formatted.
  4. The same issue, though in a smaller scale. Windows 7 x64, Logitech VX Nano, latest version of Evernote. System settings are set to scroll 3 strings per one move, Evernote makes 6 strings in main window view and 12 strings in note view. All other applications have no problem. Also submitted a support request.
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