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  1. For some private, secure content, I have been using LastPass secure notes. After further thought, I think the way to scale the enhancement would be a "secure" check box for each note. When enabled, this would cascade to a Secure section of EN creating secure version of the Notebook it belongs to in the the Secure section as well. Only the secure notes are displayed in the notebook when in the Secure area. This functionality allows for high level sorting of all secure notes. If a note is not secure, it's notebook isn't mirrored to the Secure area. Access would be that the Secure area is displayed in the Shortcuts for quick access. Clicking on the shortcut (or navigating through the Notebooks) would launch an optional simple 4 digit password or message that says something like "Access your Secure notes? Y/N"
  2. Yeah...no progress that I'm aware of. EN doesn't seem to understand it. It'd be an awesome Premium feature to have notebook tagging for visibility layers like "work" and "personal". Notes could be added any time to those books, but to view would require a prompt.
  3. Thanks, guys. To bring it back home: It's a privacy issue as much as a security. Many people use EN in publicly visible situations. Beyond personal pictures, there are titles of topics or thumbnails of graphs, images, etc that relate to those titles that can be seen when screen sharing, etc that may be sensitive alone for some management, HR, or coworkers who report to me (this also a real scenario I have encountered). On a personal level, there are NDA related business notes that I'd rather not have displayed when searching for restaurants or making to-do lists with friends, etc. Having a "Private" or "Hidden" option would be really cool. It wouldn't fall as a Stack, Notebook - but it's own sort of locker. Of course, it would be really awesome to have multiple lockers, choose which one to default, etc - but that's moving beyond the scope of the request
  4. Awesome! Thank you for the detailed response, Scott. Nice to have the linked references. Even being able to mark notes "private" where they can be removed from the "most recent" list would be huge. No password needed. The quick background of my request: I have a collection of pictures of my girlfriend and I that I use as my take anywhere "wallet photos" and I had just updated a nice selfie she sent. Presented new designs to our CMO with EN open to take notes, didn't have the "Most Recent" list set to text only, she saw it, I addressed it, we had a good laugh, but it was distracting. I prefer to have Thumbnails on to easily navigate recently updated notes visually, but am worried I'll forget to turn them off next screenshare/presentation. This reduces my usage of EN and have been using paper more frequently from concern I hope you guys take mine other customers feedback soon on this. It's a really big Nice To Have
  5. I couldn't find this feature by right clicking on a notebook or note, so not sure if it exists as Pro user: it would be great if notes could be required reentering my password to view. This would disable any thumbnails as well. This solves security issues if a phone or computer is stolen that doesn't have a password set - and - prevents visual sharing of thumbs or titles for very sensitive notes/picts, etc. This can apply to whole Notebooks as well. Additionally, a new list/notebook/group can be created called "Secured Notes and Notebooks" where they can be easily filtered for fast access.
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