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  1. @JMichaelTX I've seen this kind of scenario several times before (enterprise is sure that all complaining users are wrong and its implementatrion is best for the user, user tries it, user is happy) and in all cases I finally agreed with the enterprise, but this time seems impossible to me to agree: Notebooks are useful for some things and tags are useful for others; trying to assume that notebooks are limited on its functionality because they are not stackable, and that you must stop using notebooks for its natural feature and use tags for two different features (tagging and stacking) trying to cover the usability lack of the notebooks is terrible and leads to error prone management. Software developers know the users are prone to committing errors and tools must help us avoid that. Also, lack of ability to manage shared work when you stop using notebooks and begin using tags turns the software much less useful when you migrate from notebooks to tags. I know. I am just trying to make the user feedback on this post even more complete adding my humble opinion about that, gathering the users feedback with the best quality is valuable for the company. I think with no doubt (I say this with all my respect) that not addressing this issue is a terrible decission from the EN team, but also know that even with this design issue, EN is still a better product than any on the competition and that is why happy-with-tags an unhappy-with-tags users are we all still using it.
  2. WTF so I should have had this feature available and never seen the small circle at the bottom. I was expecting the mouse to show the arrow icons when put in the border of the image as software use to do. Thank you!
  3. @gasumped, do you work for Evernote? I am not sure if Operative means that, I suppose yes. Evernote is software and software development is guided by software development tasks: features, bugs, etc. My two requests have really nothing to to one with the other. They share the same type (usability improvement) and the same subsystem (image embedding), but that doesn't make the issues be the same. With all my respects, I am surprised of your response. I'd love it, but three months later the stable version stills not have it.
  4. Really thank you. I read that, tried it, and used it for weeks, now I realized I forgot to thank you before xD About images, hope the same behavior will be implemented soon...
  5. @all discussing here about how to replace lack of Evernote's support through using tags: your effort and sharing is great for all. But @evernote don't forget that all those techniques are nothing but workarounds for an incredible dab design of the notebooks feature by thinking the can have only two levels. "Tags" are TAGS, and "notebooks" are a synonym of what it's currently called directories in computing, applied to a system where items are called "notes". Trying to use tags as directories is a pain in the ass: Because you know that you are using something the way it wasn't intended to be used, and you know that the efforts on the development team of the product won't match you current work style. Using a software the against its design sucks. Because you know that when this finally gets addressed you won't be able to replace tags with notebooks in the end. Using a software the against its design sucks, again. Because it clobbers your tag list with pseudo notebooks. Using a software the against its design sucks - surprise! Because managing groups of notes by its tag has some usability issues vs managing a ***** notebook. Using a software the against its design sucks and it's obvious. You can't share a tag because... it's not a notebook containing notes. And that's why using a software the against its design sucks. That's only why I can achieve to imagine using only 5 minutes of my time and without joining the adventure of misusing tags. I am very surprised about @evernote not addressing this when the software is so cool, stable and mature nowadays, but also very surprised about some people here blaming others about "this is not an evernote's problem, but a problem of you because you don't know how to use the software". Greetings.
  6. Please. Using Evernote makes me feel somewhat retarded everytime I can't stack items as they should
  7. I have an AMD FX-8350 and constantly opening and closing notes with embedded PDFs is a pain in the ass. Please improve that. ---------------- Related:
  8. Image thumbnails are so cool but they show as big as they are and most of times that is very unusable - they take a lot of space and make you do a lot of scrolling when browsing your notes contents. Why showing them sooooo big? If I want to see it at its full size I can double click it! Please allow users to drag an image from its corner and resize it. Thumbnail should then be resized, but original image should be kept as is, so if you open the image or save it you will get your original image. ------------------------- Related:
  9. Embedding images and PDFs with its own preview in the middle of a document is a very nice feature but sometimes it becomes a hell when you have a lot of them in a document. they waste a lot of space and even PDF rendering make the notes very unusable. Sometimes you just have several images and files on a note, and an image is an important image which you want to be always visible, but other images are just there to keep them between some docs, and you want them to show as a small file icon, not the whole image. Same for PDFs: I have notes with an important contract which I want to show its preview, but below there are five bills I don't want to be previewed, they take a lot of space and make working with the note very hard. I'd like to be able to right click an image or PDF and select a "show thumbnail" option, so I can toggle a single image or PDF to show its preview or not to show it. ------------- Related:
  10. +1 every serious writing application should have had a dark theme since 2014
  11. When I open a note on my android app, 99% of the times I want to edit it. It's very unusable to always have to wait until loaidng view mode and then waiting egain for edit mode to load. Or using context menu to select "edit", which is slow too. I'd like to have way for directly opening edit mode in a fast way. My suggestion is: sliding a note to the right (well, all the screen) shows the left menu. Can you implement that sliding a note to the left opens its edit mode? I'll be very grateful.
  12. Related usability problem: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/62475-white-space-at-bottom-of-the-text-is-not-clickable/
  13. Related usability problem: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/62476-white-space-at-note-bottom-is-cleared-on-save/
  14. Not sure if this affects only to the android app or the whole Evernote system. When I end adding some text to my notes I use to end them with a line break, so when lately I open it again to add more text I am ready to begin typing on a new line. What's more: developers have rules about always finishing a document in a line break. This unnecessary cleanup is totally bugging me. Can you pleaes remove it?
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