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  1. After your comment I recalled it's an option under Settings>Note>Notes visualization options>Allow images to show as attachment. After Legacy reinstallation, the setting was set to default value - feature disabled. So this particular issue is solved, you may close, thank you.
  2. @Evernote, I am very worried about the current product situation and I'd like to beg you for clarification on your intentions. The new product verion has so much differences in its working that it irreversibly destroys some formatting on your full notes collection. This is not a "have a try to the new version" scenario, but an irreversible disaster. I have few time for reporting but in the end, I see that my first reports of this severity remain unattended for 10 days - see linked issue below. I currently have serious doubts about the company intentions. are you committed to work on solving all regressions, incompatibilities and damage to your users data, before discontinuing the legacy product and only then moving forward? Or will you just fix a concrete list of bugs, implement some features, and then saying "EN 10 final version, now this is our product, here you have, take it of leave it". It's important for your customers to take critical decisions and moving to the right service before the situation gets worse or it's too late for them to react. We have put our data and our daily workflow on your product and I am scared on the ways this may evolve from now to future. Really thank you in advance.
  3. Scenario: Have notes with lots of PDFs and images attached between text paragraphs. Your attachments are set as "show as attachment" - it was a feature which needed to be enabled on EN Legacy - so the note is easily readable, browsable... Migrate to EN10 and open notes All images are now shown expanded. On a note with lots of document scans this is simply unusable Your format is lost. Now you must re-set all images as "show as attachment". If you add new images and set as attachment on EN10, they show expanded on EN Legacy
  4. Since EN 10 is breaking the content disposition on my notes, I keep with EN Legacy. But this critical feature now shows as disabled on EN Legacy. Why?
  5. Bug report: Have next scenario: a note with a table on one table cell, you have some non excrypted text and then some encrypted text You can put the caret on the non encrypted text and edit your text, but there is no way to add anything below the encrypted text, there's no way - with mouse or keyboard - to place the caret there. See demonstration recording: This is related to the new encrypted elements display style:
  6. Hope everyone which formats notes like I do read this before they face the issue. On EN 10, encrypted elements have changed they way they are managed and edited as explained here, but also change their inline display kind. Before, ecnrypted elements were more or less as high as the text itself, and they could be aligned within the paragraph. You could write a lot of text and cypher all sensible individual words inside the text. Now encrypted elements are displayed as block elements, placed on its own line. But the severe thing it that this isn't a simple display issue, but the whole note body is edited if you change a single line and save the note with EN 10!! I have opened the note now on EN Legacy and my whole note is fucked up, all encrypted texts are moved to an own line. See screenshot, previously all the encrypted elements were inline with text 😭
  7. @JMichaelTX I've seen this kind of scenario several times before (enterprise is sure that all complaining users are wrong and its implementatrion is best for the user, user tries it, user is happy) and in all cases I finally agreed with the enterprise, but this time seems impossible to me to agree: Notebooks are useful for some things and tags are useful for others; trying to assume that notebooks are limited on its functionality because they are not stackable, and that you must stop using notebooks for its natural feature and use tags for two different features (tagging and stacking) trying to cover the usability lack of the notebooks is terrible and leads to error prone management. Software developers know the users are prone to committing errors and tools must help us avoid that. Also, lack of ability to manage shared work when you stop using notebooks and begin using tags turns the software much less useful when you migrate from notebooks to tags. I know. I am just trying to make the user feedback on this post even more complete adding my humble opinion about that, gathering the users feedback with the best quality is valuable for the company. I think with no doubt (I say this with all my respect) that not addressing this issue is a terrible decission from the EN team, but also know that even with this design issue, EN is still a better product than any on the competition and that is why happy-with-tags an unhappy-with-tags users are we all still using it.
  8. @all discussing here about how to replace lack of Evernote's support through using tags: your effort and sharing is great for all. But @evernote don't forget that all those techniques are nothing but workarounds for an incredible dab design of the notebooks feature by thinking the can have only two levels. "Tags" are TAGS, and "notebooks" are a synonym of what it's currently called directories in computing, applied to a system where items are called "notes". Trying to use tags as directories is a pain in the ass: Because you know that you are using something the way it wasn't intended to be used, and you know that the efforts on the development team of the product won't match you current work style. Using a software the against its design sucks. Because you know that when this finally gets addressed you won't be able to replace tags with notebooks in the end. Using a software the against its design sucks, again. Because it clobbers your tag list with pseudo notebooks. Using a software the against its design sucks - surprise! Because managing groups of notes by its tag has some usability issues vs managing a ***** notebook. Using a software the against its design sucks and it's obvious. You can't share a tag because... it's not a notebook containing notes. And that's why using a software the against its design sucks. That's only why I can achieve to imagine using only 5 minutes of my time and without joining the adventure of misusing tags. I am very surprised about @evernote not addressing this when the software is so cool, stable and mature nowadays, but also very surprised about some people here blaming others about "this is not an evernote's problem, but a problem of you because you don't know how to use the software". Greetings.
  9. Please. Using Evernote makes me feel somewhat retarded everytime I can't stack items as they should
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