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  1. Well..... I was sure I had done all that but went through it again (forth or so time) and now it works - almost OK. It did not show the notebook I wanted for some reason so I selected one that was there and all is fine. Many thanks for your kind guidance which is very much appreciated.
  2. Many thanks for replying. I have a BLU Advance 4.0 L. I think I have tried what you have kindly suggested. I see that the process EvernoteWidgetListServices is still running although I have no icon. This is presumably why I cannot reinstall the widget as EverNote thinks it is already installed. I don't know how to kill this process as I am very new to Android. Uninstalling EverNote does not seem to be a clean uninstall.
  3. I had the note widget set to put notes into a notebook called "0 - from phone" and all was working well. The other day, from the desktop, I accidentally deleted that notebook rather than a note in it. I therefore recreated the notebook and copied the notes that were it it and the desktop was OK. Then I noticed that notes from the phone were going into my default notebook rather than the one above that I had recreated and was showing on the phone. As I could not see anyway to change the widget settings, I deleted the widget and tried to reinstall it but the OK button did nothing and the widget would not reappear. I therefore deleted the EverNote app and reinstalled it. I still cannot reinstall the quick note widget. Any help would be great as this is so frustrating and was so useful to me. Just to get the widget back would be enough!
  4. Many thanks jbignert - I installed 6.0.6 and it worked (I had 6.0). This must have been one of the fastest replies ever - most grateful. I am happy again!!
  5. This started yesterday and I still cannot enter my user name and password because of this "No Internet Connection" message. I have been using v6 for a while with no problems and am using the latest version of FireFox. I have had to resort to using Opera for clipping and it works perfectly there. There is no internet problem that I am aware of at the moment.
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