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  1. I’ve been trying to chat with support for a week. If it’s only for paid subscribers they should point that out, rather than simply posting hours of operation along with the word “offline,” which creates the impression that a return trip later might result in something other than wasted time. I have been a paid subscriber in the past but it seems like EN is really circling the drain these past few years, and although I was considering an upgrade that is now very unlikely.
  2. Tried on Mac (10.8.5) and web (Chrome & Safari)
  3. Hello everyone... I've been using Evernote for years but have never needed the Table feature until now, and I am running into a few issues. 1. How do I change the background color for cells? According to Help, there should be a Table Properties dialog box under the Add Table menu, but it is not there for me in Mac nor web versions. 2. Am I really limited to using only a handful of fonts? 3. When I copy/paste email addresses or urls, they remain blue underlined no matter what I do to remove their formatting. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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