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  1. +1 to this! My own (selfish) use case: I use numerical prefixes to index topics, projects, etc. as notes in my "to-do/projects/GTD" notebook. It makes sense to sort that one by title, with the snippet view. My scrapbook of visual design resources, on the other hand, works much better sorted by date updated, in a card view. It's far from a dealbreaker. But being able to either set a default, or just have a persistent memory for the last settings used on a per notebook basis would be a welcome refinement, IMHO.
  2. A big +1 to archiving! I'd love to have notebooks used for previous jobs not appear in the web clipper or mobile app interfaces, for example — I'm almost certainly never again going to be adding something new to those collections, and space is at a premium in those interfaces. Furthermore, the web clipper's autosuggest feature is great when it's working-as-magically-intended, but it does have a way of frequently wanting to stick things in "past job" notebooks I haven't touched in months. But, as others have said, I do want to be able to have those notebooks, their notes, and metadata still readily available for searches. Gmail's Archive behaviour would be a good starting point, although I'm sure it's hardly the definitive model.
  3. Bump/+1 — Tagging in shared notebooks would really open things up. It makes it much more difficult for me to convert my friends and colleagues into more Evernote users when tags are missing from our projects. ;-)
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