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  1. I have a request for a new payment subscription model. I am almost satisfied with the basic subscription model, that is for free, but would like to add some single features that are available in plus or premium. It is though not important enough, that I would buy the premium or plus subscription. My idea is to add a new payment model, that is feature based. Every user has the basic model with its features for free and is able to unlock single specific features for a small amount of money per month that he wants to use. For example, I would be able to use the basic model and add the email-feature for maybe 0,25€ per month. Also I would be able to buy 50 extra-MB of upload allowance because the 60 MB standard amount is just not enough for me, but 1 GB is way more than I need. For that I'd pay another 0,25€ per month. And now I would like to remove the ads in my evernote client for which I'd add another 0,25€ per month to my bill. Also I would like to annotate PDFs for another 0,25€ per month. This way, the users can pay for those features they want and do not need to pay for such, that they don't use. You could even add the possibility to add devices for maybe 0,10€ per month. Of course this makes the payment model more complicated, but I think its not too hard to implement it into the existing structure. You could keep the current three subscription models and make it possible for users to add single features to the model they use anyways. If this would be possible, I would at least pay a small amount to evernote per month for those features I want. Otherwise I will simply renounce those features. Regards, mrbenjoi
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