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  1. Understood, but the post you're citing from "Jackolicious", is more than 5 months old... do you have any updated information on the current status, the main obstacles, and the - hopefully near - future forecasts/expectations regarding the Picture-Preview-Issue?
  2. I agree... Professionalism >> If the people behind Evernote handels customer feedback in a professional manner - Going through this tread, makes it very clear, that this issue has to be addressed. If a code-designer - in an effort to address this issue - considers a change in 'algorithm' - to simply selecting the first image - to be a task too complicated, either the code is a complete mess, or the code-designer is no longer acting professionally... ° ° ° The Reason and the Why >> I can only guess, as to what the possible causes for something like this might be, but imagine that w
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