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  1. Thank you. Yes I did receive a ticket #. It has been at least a week since I started asking. I know that I need / want Premium but read in their FAQ or somewhere that they have a non-profit rate. I will sign up immediately if I ever get that information. I am already sold on using Evernote. I just want someone to answer my questions!
  2. I am wondering why Customer Service never responds to my requests for information? I have sent 3 inquiries but there has been no response whatsoever. Is this typical of Evernote's Customer Service? Here is my latest plea: I have tried writing 3 times without anyone responding. Bad customer service. I am the Pastor of a church and we are interested in using Evernote Premium. Not sure if we need Evernote Business. Some info on that would also be helpful. I am writing to find out if you have a non-profit rate and if so how much it is and how do we get it? A prompt response would be very much appreciated. I need to make this decision in the next few days. Anyone know how I can actually get a response? Thank you
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