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  1. Yes, I have. Today I copied the entire note from the Evernote desktop to the Mac TextEdit app, which should remove all formatting. In my case the only formatting would be some bold text. I also removed several bullets (special characters) that were manually entered (it was not an actual bulleted list). I then created a new note and copied/pasted the text from TextEdit. The formatted and new unformatted notes wrap fine in the desktop and web interface. I then synced to my phone and checked the new, unformatted note. Line endings (new lines) are maintained. However most paragraphs are displayed as a (long) single line - no wrapping. The only lines that "wrap" are lines that contain a hyphen; in that case the hyphen terminates the line. When orienting the phone to landscape mode the display output is the same except it's displayed in an unusually large typeface. If I select to edit the note in the phone, the text readjusts to a wrapping format but the wrapping is not correct - wrapping occurs in the middle of words. I then edited the note in the web interface and typed in a paragraph at the top of the note. I synced to the phone and found that the paragraph was wrapped correctly, but the rest of the text below was still incorrect. So in the web interface I deleted all the text and pasted in the text from the TextEdit app. I then synced to the phone and found the entire note to be correctly wrapped. The culprit seemed to be the Mac desktop. I then inserted a paragraph at the top of the note in the desktop version, synced and found it to wrap correctly. As a sort of sanity check, in the desktop I deleted the entire note text and once again pasted from TextEdit and synced. Sure enough, the wrapping in Android was incorrect (basically everything on one line). So, still a bit mysterious but perhaps some helpful information. UPDATE (8/18/15): I ended up fixing the note in Android by copying the text to an Android text edit app (where it wrapped fine) and pasting it back into Evernote. Also note that if I type in several paragraphs in Evernote desktop and sync, the note wraps fine in Android. So something quite strange with the note that was originally copied via Mac clipboard from Safari to Evernote desktop.
  2. I'm having Android word wrap problems with new notes created/edited in the Mac desktop and web browser versions. Sometimes the note paragraphs do not wrap at all, sometimes they wrap by breaking within words and sometimes a portion of the note is wrapped correctly. The original content was copied from a web page. Much of it was initially dumped into the Mac text editor to clean it of any formatting. I've tried editing the note in both the browser (Safari) and the Mac desktop. I've tried cutting text and pasting into the Mac text editor and then back into Evernote. I've been careful to sync back to Android after each modification. One interesting symptom is that if you edit the note in Android to remove and then re-enter a space from a line that should have wrapped up into the line above, the word before the space will pop up into the line above. So it's like spaces are treated as non-breaking characters in the Android app. I've thought about deleting the Evernote app data, forcing a download of everything but don't want to risk messing up my other notes. For whatever reason, older notes still wrap fine. If anyone has had this problem and resolved it please post your solution! Mac Yosemite 10.10.5 Android Moto G running 4.4.4. Android Evernote app v7.1 Mac desktop v 6.0.16
  3. I really miss the option to log out from the main notebook/notes page. Having to select Settings and then log out from there is pretty inconvenient. I like the earlier, pre-beta version better actually.
  4. There is a similar problem when editing bullet and numbered lists on Android. Editing notes in and around this special formatting is pretty buggy. I don't use these features if I know I'm likely to edit them on Android. Evernote Android v 6.0.2 / Droid Razr M / Android OS 4.4.2
  5. Still a problem on Droid Razr M running Android 4.4.2 with version 6.0 of Evernote. Ticket number given in email exchange with customer support is 591218. As I had mentioned to support, this isn't a major problem but something they should fix when they can get to it.
  6. Thanks. Since I haven't found this problem mentioned in the forum, I submitted a support ticket.
  7. Checkbox items sync fine (to Mac version 5.5.1) but I'm not able to remove the entire checkbox item when editing on Android. I can delete the text of the checkbox but can't delete (backspace) the box itself. When trying to tap to the left of the box to position the edit cursor there it just toggles the checkmark. My apologies if this has already been reported. I searched but didn't find anything. Evernote Android v 5.8.4 / Droid Razr M / Android OS 4.4.2
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