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  1. I have the same problem when I updated Penultimate my notes got, more or less randomly reassigned. further, when I make notes on a new case I would like to then move the notes to my new case number. Cannot seem to do that. e.g, noteslabeled with date of creation. Then I decide to take the case. I give it a case number, say 16-010. I would like to either copy my time based notes to my new penultimate file with a case number. Cannot figure out how..
  2. I was able to paste copied material into Evernote. Now, 2014 June 16, I cannot. Is there a work around Here is what I would like to paste FINAL PATHOLOGIC DIAGNOSES: I. Necrotizing enterocolitis. A.) Abdominal distention. B.) Small bowel ileus, distal small bowel. C.) Intraluminal sloughed mucosa with abundant bacteria. D.) Multifocal mucosal and transmural hemorrhage and necrosis. 1.) Remote intestinal perforation (closed). a.) Peritonitis. E.) Clinical history ofprematurity. F.) Clinical history of TPN and feeds. G.) Clinical history ofpersistent patent ductus arteriosus. 1.) Status post Indomethacin therapy (clinical). II. Sepsis. A.) Hypotension, clinical. B.) Bradycardia, clinical. C.) Metabolic acidosis, clinical. D.) Left shift, peripheral smear. III. Bronchopulmonary dysplasia. A.) Clinical history ofrespiratory distress syndrome. 1.) Status post surfactant x2. B.) Ventilator dependent (clinical). 1.) Extubated,03/31/13. a.) Post extubation retractions and high oxygen requirement. 2.) Re-intubated,04/01113. C.) Diffuse interstitial fibrosis, multifocal hyaline membranes and multifocal atelectasis. IV. Acute bronchopneumonia, early. V. Clinical history ofiatrogenic hypercalcemia via TPN (24.9 mg). A.) Status post normal saline bolus and Lasix (PM calcium level down to 17 mg). VI. Clinical history ofprematurity (born ~25 weeks 2 days gestation). A.) Neonatal apnea and bradycardia, clinical. B.) Respiratory distress syndrome. C.) Persistent ductus arteriosus. 1.) Status post ligation (03115/13). D.) Anemia ofprematurity (clinical). 1.) Status post blood transfusions. E.) Grade II intraventricular hemorrhage (resolved)
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