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  1. To give you an Update on this: Apparently note links in notes in a shared notebook done by someone with whom the notebook is shared seem to work now for the notebook owner. This is somewhat strange, since the behavior observed a view days ago clearly was different. Maybe Evernote have changed something in the background, in that case thanks! And thanks for the support here.
  2. Hi Gazumped, Thanks for your answer, I am also working with support on this (Ticket #583255) on this. Yes, the links do start with "evernote:///view/". However, what I find very confusing is that, these links do work for everyone (notebook owner, other users with whom the notebook is shared or from the web client) as long as they are created by the notebook owner, so it does not look like a pure "local database problem". If the links are created by someone with whom the notebook is shared, they work only on the local database (not for the owner of the notebook and not from the webclient, even not for the user who has created the note links) I have also observed that the links have a different format, when created by the notebook owner they have this format: evernote:///view/XXXXXXXX/sXXX/UUID1/UUID2/ where X is a decimal number and both UUIDs are the same. When created by the person with whom the notebook is shared, they look like: evernote:///view/XXXXXXXX/sXXX/UUID/UUID/UUID where the first decimal number is different from the one in the link created by the notebook owner, the number beginning with "s" is identical and the first two UUID being identical again (also with the UUIDs in the link created by the notebook owner) and a third, different UUID Expected behavior from my point of view would be that evernote would just create the link in the same form, it is created when the note link is done by the notebook owner, since this link works in all situations as expected. Also, I do not know how to generate the Internet-URL links in the form of "https://www.evernote.com/shard/". Tech support advised to use the "copy note link" function from the menu, but that also generates an evernote:///view/-like URL for the notebook owner and seems not to work for anyone with whom the notebook is shared (instead it seems to trigger a note synchronization and does not put anything into the clipboard). Very strange and thanks again for any help Best regards, PBU
  3. Thanks, will do that. But I would expect these links just to work like they do vice versa, provided both the note where the link is in and the note to which the link points are accessible by the owner of the shared notebooks. PBU
  4. Hi, I have a couple of notebooks shared to my assitent so that she can process incoming notes during the work day. Processing involves linking incoming notes to some "master notes" which we use to track certain activities. However this linking seems to not work as expected. Here is what we have observed (linking was done using the Windows client): 1. Notebook owner adds links into a note linking to other notes in the same notebook or other notebooks accesible by assistent -> The links work as expected both for the notebook owner as well as for the assistent. 2. Assistent add links into a note residing in a shared notebook with the note linking to other notes in the same notebook or other notebooks shared by the same user -> the links work as expected for the assistent but not for the notebook owner. Instead when the notebook owner clicks on the link the following message is displayed in the web client: "The note link refers to a notebook you cannot access". The windows client displays: "The note link refers to a local note the different database wich does not exist on this computer". I suppose this is not expected behavior. Are we doing something wrong or are there hints how to work around this? Best regards, PBU
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