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  1. I am in OneNote. It is the perfect notebook. Evernote is for simple notes, not for notebooks. One think that I would like to know is why did they create this forum if never read it. It is a pity.
  2. Evernote developers, can someone say at least why didn't you decide implement a simple button to create h1, h2...h6..?? Just say something. Maybe is a decision of Accesibility or user experience. something.....
  3. Of course, I mean about this feature. I am not saying that EN is not improving itself. I am saying that if they are reading every post..why don't answer this pots.. from 2 years and half?
  4. Well. EN already got your money. ;-) Yet another of those products that sell the same stuff for years before it becomes outdated and dies its natural death without any innovation! I really think that in EN are making a really good job. But for me a tablet of content in the same note, and headers is super important. The thing is that is super easy to develop, at least, they would put an option in the preferences panel to enable or disable this option. I think there are a lot of people who wants this feature. But... are they reading this kind of forum..even being of them..... i am not sure. After 2 years and a half, no one from EN answer..ridiculous. At least, say why not add that option..
  5. well.. and after 2 years and a half.. nothing...wow
  6. +100000 Did you note that even in this forum.. when you make an answer... you have more features to format the text than in EN???
  7. Thank you for your answer, I think it is not really friendly, also, because you can't define styles like Titles (h1, h2, h3...) to style your notes. Is really rare that EN doesn't have this feature, for me is essential.
  8. Hi everyone, I think that is a bit annoying write task all the time for every note, I use to organice the information with folders, so It could be a good solution create a hierarchy with notebooks. Thank you
  9. Hello everyone, +1000000000000 for this feature Please!! Add this feature soon! Our notes are bigger even more and it is super complicated go directly to a subsection in it. Why aren't they a "menu format" to add H1, H2, H3 titles, and then get a table of content automatically from there.
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