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  1. I can’t get any of them to do anything except create a note when I want it to get a note. I’m at the end of my patience with Evernote. Get it together or sell to someone who can.
  2. Unfortunately while you can text and email the files out of the app you are still unable to do the same to open files in other apps (not even with help of the Workflow app.) I store audio files and I need to be able to open them in audio editing apps.
  3. It doesn’t even require the files app it works directly on each individual audio or visual file through use of the share menu. This is what I would expect to happen in Evernote but for some baffling reason it does not—Completely trapping all content
  4. That’s why I stopped using Evernote. I’m not about to fill it with all of my stuff just to have it sandboxed. I work solely in iOS so Evernote renders all my files completely useless. Apple Notes has done a great job of making Evernote obsolete.
  5. Agreed. I actually stopped using Evernote completely because of the inability to anything with the audio and video embedded in notes.
  6. We all love clipping articles from the web. Of course the purpose of this is to save them for later reference and many of us use the highlighter tool to remind us of important pieces of info. It would be really useful to introduce a feature that jumps from highlight to highlight in the way that the web allows us to look for specific words on pages. With this feature we could easily review all highlights in a note. This would be useful to all of us: students, business men & women, writers, etc. This would be great to have on desktop, web and mobile.
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