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  1. Thanks for that. Unfortunately our desktops are not MACs and because we work on the fielder cannot rely on a good connection to Evernote. But I will try this. Thanks again.
  2. Once an image created in Skitch is saved to Evernote it cannot be amended. Added too yes but no changes can be made. I've raised this before with Evernote and was told the feature had been removed.
  3. Thank you. I have 4 colleagues all using Skitch to maintain a database of 3000 records which increases monthly by anything upto 20 records per month. This feature was also removed from Evernote - I started to save all skitch' stop Evernote from all 5 of us so we could easily make minor changes. Now when we revisit the record a new skitch has to be created which is very time consuming. Thank you for your help.
  4. Thank you. Could someone add this yo the App instructions. It's not very intuitive whereas in the older versions just opening it would allow editing. Why can't this be re-instated.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I create a new Skitch using a screen grab. Once completed I save to Pictures not Evernote it also saves a copy in a folder in pictures called Skitch. I can open both but not edit the age. I have to create a new image and replicate my work.
  6. As with Evernote I can no longer edit a Skitch that has just been created and saved. I have just updated to Ver3.4 - from Ver3.3.3. This is a backward step. I use the app in the field to annotated distance and height data onto a screen grab then at my Lesiure (until Ver3.4) I could refine the Skitch before adding it to my FileMaker Database. Please can someone tell Why and If it will be able to edit Skitch created documents in the future. If not I will have to find another App.
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