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  1. I don't know anything about a "web client." I'm just using Evernote for Mac and the iPhone App. Thank you!
  2. The room where I work and usually sync is actually further away from the main router than where my phone usually sits. My wireless printer is also in that room and I have no problems syncing it or anything else--only Evernote. If my phone is with me away from my home, but I have updated my computer, it will not sync to my phone, even though the phone is connected via cellular or another WIFI connection. For example--if I put a list together of things I need to pick up from the store, I used to be able to create the list on my computer (even the night before), and it would be on my phone
  3. I make most changes/additions to Evernote on my computer and then sync to my phone. For years, it has synced automatically, with no problem. But about 6 months ago, I noticed that my phone was not updating. And the only way I could get Evernote to sync properly, was to put my phone in close proximity to my computer. If I do, they sync without issue. But if I want what is on my computer to sync to my phone, I have to remember to move the phone closer to the computer. Nothing else in my home is having a connection issue. I use Apple Airport Extreme as my wireless router, have a Macbook, an
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