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  1. I use my iPhone 7 Plus & Evernote & Scannable. A lot. I dislike iPhone Updates! A few days ago, my phone automatically updated to IOS 13. I’ve been using Evernote Dark Theme since it’s origination. I prefer my Evernote in Dark Theme. It’s easier on my eyes. Before IOS 13 update, I turned on the Evernote Dark Theme from my Evernote Account Page: PROMPTS: Work Chat. Settings. Dark Theme. Since IOS 13 update, I’m required to go to my iPhone 7 Plus Settings & turn on Dark Theme from there. The prompt for Dark Theme on my Evernote Account page is no longer there since the IOS 13 update. The BIG annoying problem with turning on Dark Theme from my iPhone 7 Plus settings (and not via my Evernote Account page) IS that turning on Dark Theme from the phone settings TURNS EVERYTHING to Dark Theme. I can’t pick & choose which functions I want Light & which functions I want Dark — it’s one or the other for EVERY FUNCTION. The biggest problem with Dark Theme for all my functions is my well used GMAIL account. I’m just not feeling comfortable with my GMAIL in Dark Theme. But if I turn off Dark Theme in my iPhone settings, then my well used Evernote Dark Theme TURNS OFF TOO & I prefer Evernote in Dark Theme & my GMAIL account in LIGHT Theme (I don’t use my Evernote Email Account). Another issue is that with EVERYTHING in Dark Theme, when I print a GMAIL, the header prints out with a Black Background - & the problem with that is that it wastes a lot of my expensive black ink. I guess I can turn off Dark Theme when I print a GMAIL but that is cumbersome. QUESTION: Is there a way to have my Gmail account in Light Theme and my Evernote in Dark Theme on my iPhone 7 Plus, IOS 13? Can the Dark Theme PROMPT be added back to Evernote Account page in IOS 13? Thanks
  2. I attach files all the time in my Evernote’s on my iOS iPhone 7+. For me, I use my acrobat adobe files on MY PHONE even though there are other options (DropBox, Bear, etc). I can save either from Acrobat Files that are on MY PHONE ( generated from scannable on my iPhone) OR attach a file that is in my Adobe Cloud. On the top left corner there is an arrow & if I click that it moves to a screen with selections with “on my phone” being one of the selections. I think there may be another top left hand arrow to move to another screen. Not sure. I’ve discovered that if my last save was from MY Adobe Cloud Files, my scannable will File my PDF(s) there in my cloud & when I go to attach a file, the My Adobe CLOUD will automatically open & visa versa with my last save being “on my phone.” There is a command that will save a copy of PDF or JPEG (?) to My Adobe Cloud from Adobe from my Adobe Files “on my phone.” I hope I explained adequately. And I hope this helps.
  3. I know this discussion is more than a year old, but it just now helped me on 11-17-2018. Thanks!
  4. I noticed same issue a few months ago. Maybe started after the Sept 2018 update. I also switch back-and-forth from EverNote to other Apps. When I return to my “open” EverNote App, after a significant period of time, I’m taken back at EverNote “All Notes.” In order to get back to the Last Note I was working on, my hacks are: HACK #1: 1) on IOS / iPhone: Press “back Arrow” located upper left corner. 2). On IOS, Back Arrow takes me to: “RECENT NOTES.” The Notebook related to the last note I was viewing will be the first of the three “recently” opened notebooks. 3). Kind of a PITA because after I open the Notebook, I have to remember the Note Title & scroll to it. Or, if I don’t remember Note name, I use Hack 2. HACK 2: 1) using Hack 1 Instructions 1 & 2: With Last notebook OPEN, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner (IOS), click on Note List Options. Then click on “Date Open” & that will put Last Opened files on top of List. I prefer my notes to automatically open to the last note I viewed, but something changed with EV & it doesn’t do that anymore. Maybe there is a way to change how EV opens ?
  5. Last night, 4-29-18, I noticed a format change in Evernote. I use Evernote on my iPhone. A lot. I use the yellow highlighter on text. Since the change, I can't find the yellow highlight control.
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