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  1. Find In Note on my iPhone update 14 & EN update 10.4 does not work in any of my 12,000 Old Notes BEFORE 10.4 update. 0 hits displayed but “find in note” result is highlighted in the Note but the Note is darkened or shadowed & “frozen” and won’t unfreeze. Find In Note seems to work 95% of the time in my Notes created AFTER the EN 10.4 update (on my iphone) Support provided a prompt & courteous reply stating that SEARCH works well. Unable to PRINT note using standard “share” PRINT command (no longer available) & support said PRINT not available in IOS (for now).
  2. Not sure if this is relevant to your “saved search” issue but I have similar issue with Find In Note on my iPhone 7 Plus update 14. Find in Note is extremely important for me in my OLD before EN 10.4 update. What I’m finding is Find in Note will not work in any of my old notes but Find In Note works inconsistently about 95% of the time in my New Notes created AFTER EN 10.4 update. I submitted a Support Ticket to EN & Support was Prompt. Here is cut & paste of Support’s Response to me CUT & PASTE EVERNOTE SUPPORT ⬇️
  3. Much respect. I feel same as you. I’ve been a premium subscriber since 2014 & have 12,000 notes. My notes are valuable to me. I introduced Evernote to family & friends and because of me they became happy Evernote users. They & I are unhappy with Evernote v10.4 & are concerned that our Evernote productivity is lost & might not come back & unfortunately & sadly we feel we may need to jump Evernote ship & find an alternative note keeping / data storage platform. My question to you regarding your comment is do you have a plan for your 22,000 Evernote notes? I can’t bear the thought of losing my 12,000 notes. Another question is do you have an alternate note taking / data storage plan to replace Evernote? Thank you.
  4. I’d be happy with getting the BEFORE 10 version IOS Evernote back on my 7 Plus iPhone. Can the Evernote BEFORE 10 version be available in the APP store? The new added features in version 10 are awesome but the deleted features are more important than the new features. 1). Missing the Standard Regularly Used PRINT command in Share. In the Evernote IOS version 10.4. 2) Missing the properly working FIND IN NOTE feature in the Evernote IOS version 10.4. Thanks.
  5. UPDATE: 10-10-20: as I stated in several of my posts, the tedious PRINT workarounds stopped working. Using HP Print, Edge & whatever other Print apps available in my SHARE. Now, only partial note prints & only one page of partial note prints. •••Please. Bring. Back.The. Standard. Regularly. Used. PRINT. Feature. To. Evernote. IOS. 10.4. Please. ••••
  6. UPDATE: 10-10-20: I’ve given up using EVERNOTE 10.0.4 on my IOS 7 plus iPhone. I need to be able to PRINT & I need to be able to use FIND IN NOTE. I deleted Evernote App off my iphone & then reinstalled. Deleting & reinstalling Evernote didn’t change anything. I easily & quickly restored all my Evernote data after deleting & reinstalling. As I said in my quote & in several other comments, using PRINT workarounds are wonky & unreliable for me on my iPhone — only portions of my Note print - sometimes only one partial note prints, etc. I used 2 or 3 different Print Apps - Edge, HP Print & all else available in my Share that allows printing. •••PLEASE, bring back the good old regularly used standard PRINT function to EverNote IOS. Please. •••OR, please allow reinstalling the Evernote IOS version BEFORE the IOS 10 update. Please. I have earlier versions of Evernote on my seldom used old iPad & earlier Evernote version on my cumbersome LapTop. My husband has his own separate subscription to Evernote on his IOS 7 plus iPhone in the before 10 version. Evernote remains my most favorite data storage APP, so I dusted off my old iPad & I’m getting reacquainted with it & using the earlier version of Evernote on my iPad. The new added features on Evernote 10 version are awesome but the missing PRINT & FIND IN NOTE are more important for me. Thanks for reading.
  7. MY UPDATE: I use IOS, iPhone 7 plus exclusively for my EverNote. The PRINT workaround I discovered lasted for maybe one day. Afterwards, the workarounds EDGE & HP Print printed only half the page & did not print other pages in a multi page Note. I’ve spent hours trying to get my two lost features to work: 1) PRINT & 2) Find In Note. PRINT allows me to make PDFs of my notes. It’s like losing a part of my brain. Evernote has been a vital part of my data life since 2014. I’m not sure what I’m going to do now ☹️
  8. I just updated to Evernote 10.4 on my iPhone 7 plus. Sadly, nothing changed for me. Mainly: 1) PRINT and 2) Find IN Note. Not being able to use the standard PRINT command prevents me from making PDFs from my notes. I thought I had a workaround for PRINT by copying to EDGE or using HP PRINT & that worked for a day or so. Now, both EDGE & HP Print cut off most of the one page document when printing. So, now I’m copying my Note into Word & so far successfully printing my needed Notes from Word but it’s a time consuming process. I realize that because of my limited technical knowledge / understanding, my difficulties might be user error. But I had a great working knowledge using Evernote BEFORE the 10 update. So, I don’t know. Not having Print & Find in Note makes Evernote pointless for me - and I have almost 12,000 notes with some of those notes being extremely important to me. Hopefully, eventually, my issues will be solved & I’ll be back to enjoying Evernote as much as I did before update 10. ADDED: I have an awesome Bill Pay Notebook in Evernote that I’ve been using for several years. Each month I duplicate a self created template to keep track of paying my bills. Each year I archive the 12 months of individual Bill Pay notes into a Notebook labeled with the year. Find IN Note is very important for me in my Bill Pay Notes as Find In Note allows me to easily navigate to a particular bill without having to scroll through the entire document. I hate to think I’ve lost this valuable Notebook / Notes.
  9. Is it possible to post a link to the updated 10.04 Evernote APP in the APP store? I’m not finding it in the APP Store on my iphone . Thanks
  10. Me too. I’d be happy if an update for the version BEFORE the 10.0 update were available. So much frustration & so much time loss & so much productivity loss.
  11. Agree. I found a workaround to PRINT my notes and / or make Adobe PDFs of my notes. My workaround is not as simplistic as the PRINT process before the 10 update. —- but I’m happy I found an alternative. 😀
  12. I truly appreciate your help. Wednesday AM: 10-07-20: Find IN Note still does not work for me. When performing Find In Note, results same as last night. I manually synced. Weird how when I perform a Find in notes, results highlight the newly created “keyword” but shows 0 results. none of my old keywords highlight. I use my iPhone 7 Plus & recently updated to version 14 & the Evernote version 10.0.03. Updated iphone & Evernote at the same time. I acknowledge that it’s possible my inability to get Find IN Note to work for me might be “user error” & someday I’ll discover my error & all will be well. Or maybe Evernote will have an upgrade that repairs. I’m considering upgrading to iPhone XR or maybe the new 12 when it's released. 126 or 256 gb. Maybe. Maybe not. My 7 plus has cracked screen. I’ve had it for 3 or 4 years. Otherwise it works fine. I appreciate your time & efforts with helpung me. Thanks.
  13. In an old note created 9-9-20 BEFORE 10.3 Update: 10-6-20, I added new keywords: _xxx, #bills. 1. I performed a Find IN note using the keywords created today 2. When performing the Find In Note, the newly added keywords became Highlighted, but the search result was 0 & I could not move to keyword. 3. When performing Find In Note using my 08-09-20 #keywords —- did not highlight or jump to #keyword
  14. Thanks for the suggestion. It didn’t work. And Even if it did work, it would be time consuming to add new _keywords to 12,000 old notes. Thanks
  15. 10-06-20: I was able to use “FIND IN NOTE” in my newly created version 10.3 note & it did recognize #keyword & zkeyword. BUT, I had same success on Saturday & then it stopped working in new note. “Find in Note” absolutely does not work in my BEFORE 10 UPDATE NOTES, using zkeyword or #keyword. I need that to work in *edit* MY 12,000 more or less old notes.
  16. I do have an out dated (windows 7 maybe) PC that is not updated to EN 10.3. My PC is not updated for all updates unrelated to EN. My laptop is maybe XP? . I rarely use my laptop because it .......is a pain. My iphone works best for me. I use EN APP on my iphone.
  17. Sorry for my lack of knowledge. I’m able to find my way around without *edit* KNOWING what I’m doing. I don’t have MAC. I use my iphone 7 plus IOS. I went to Safari on my iphone & went to EN account. All I could access was my account info. I did click ⬇️ See below but did not take me to my noteboks.
  18. Not sure. I use my iPhone 7 plus version 14 IOS exclusively. Forgive my ignorance. When you say website, does that mean I go to EN from my Safari Browser & work from there? & see if Find in Note works? Guess I should have tried before posting this. I’ll try now. Thank you for your suggestion.
  19. Please forgive my lack of knowing what the icons are called. I don’t think EDGE is a browser. It’s an APP & I believe it’s microsoft word docs? I had to download it for enrollment in LifeLock last week & I got pretty lost. There is complimentary Microsoft AUTHENTICATOR again required or recommended by LifeLock & I really got lost with that when linking it to LifeLock - I gave up. But now, some pieces of understanding are coming together in my mind since I used it for PRINT ADOBE work around for Evernote. if you goggle EDGE - there is probably a better explanation there? EDGE APP is free. & maybe similar to readdle that you mentioned. I hurriedly wrote the steps down to PRINT make / adobe PDF & there are 13 steps more or less. So not as simplistic as PRINT in old EN version. But, I’m just learning - so there is most probably easier way to access EDGE.... 1) In NOTE, touch the “icon - body” top right of note 2) next screen: touch share icon, top right 3) select : Send export & more 4) Brings up APPS available for SEND ( in mine, excludes PRINT & excludes ADOBE) & I can’t get those necessary APPS or whatever to ADD to the Selection list. Old way, all i had to do was double press PRINT & I selected ADOBE from there or PRINTED. PRINT is now gone in version 10.0.3 5) Select the app EDGE from the list 6) So here’s where I don’t know what’s happening, but the NOTE is fully printed in EDGE & editing can be performed there & the NOTE is saved as an EDGE doc. 7) somehow, PRINT - my notes say lower screen , rt side 8MY notes say: Brings up PRINT 9) tap & hold print screen 10) brings up ? “Share” ? button 11) Adds ADOBE to the list 12) Press ? “share” button & then select Adobe 13) Import to Adobe. I have a monthly paid Adobe subscription for my work & my PDF is put in file on my iPhone & then I load to cloud & file there. Can’t use up storage on phone so move to cloud I did this only once this AM & haven’t played with it since. I’m sure there’s an easier way. I’m looking forward to self educating myself as to what EDGE is & exactly what it does. Sorry so much detail. Thanks for your help.
  20. Hi, Pink Elephant. Thanks for your help. Even though I could not implement your method to PRINT and/or make Adobe PDFs, I discovered an alternative method using a new APP . My guess is that the more I explore, the more techniques I will discover for PRINT & ADOBE. Now if only I can get Find IN Note to work. See below for my PRINT / ADOBE explanation: UPDATED 10-06-20 iPhone 7 Plus, update 14 - Evernote version 10.0.3 (on IOS) I found that using EDGE (microsoft) will allow me to make Adobe PDF from my Ever Note notes. Before 10.03 update, I made Adobe PDFs in one simple step. After update to 10.03, I couldn’t PRINT or make Adobe PDFs from my EN notes. EDGE is new to me & I haven’t used it until now. I’m not sure how to use EDGE as of yet but it works for printing & making PDFs in EN 10.3. There are multiple steps required in EDGE to PRINT and/or make Adobe PDF so it’s not as simplistic as my old method before updating to EN 10.3. I’m looking forward to exploring the EDGE app more fully. Anyway, I can now PRINT & make PDFs in my EverNote notes. ISSUE REMAINING: “Find IN Note” still not working. Thanks
  21. UPDATED 10-06-20 iPhone 7 plus, update 14 & Evernote Version 10.0.3 (IOS) I found that using EDGE (microsoft) will allow me to make Adobe PDF from my Ever Note notes. Before 10.03 update, I made Adobe PDFs in one simple step. After update to 10.03, I couldn’t PRINT or make Adobe PDFs from my EN notes. EDGE is new to me & I haven’t used it until now. I’m not sure how to use EDGE as of yet but it works for printing & making PDFs in EN 10.3. There are multiple steps required in EDGE to PRINT and/or make Adobe PDF so it’s not as simplistic as my old method before updating to EN 10.3. I’m looking forward to exploring the EDGE app more fully. Anyway, I can now PRINT & make PDFs in my EverNote notes. ISSUE REMAINING: “Find IN Note” still not working. Thanks Updated on 10-02-2020 There are some great new features in IOS version 10 but there are some serious issues with missing can’t live without features. So Far, I’ve experienced two can’t live without features: 1. Find in note (notes before update) (IOS) 2. PRINT!!!! No way to Print/turn into Adobe PDF document in IOS. (worked great before update) Regrets.
  22. I’m using IOS iPhone 7 Plus, update 10.0.3 & there is no UPGRADE button on my EN. I am a Premium member so maybe that’s why? Thanks
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