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  1. On the yearly planners, you have June 30, July 1, and July 2 all marked as a weekend. As a result, all the subsequent weekends in the second half of the year are off by one day.
  2. Your point is well-taken. Frankly, it did not occur to me because, in all the years I have been using jailbroken iDevices, I had never before experienced a tweak causing just one specific stock app to crash. Springboard crashes? Sure. But with everything else on my phone and iPad working perfectly, it seemed to me that it had to be an issue with Evernote, particularly since this functions of this tweak would not suggest that it would alter or interface with the Evernote iOS app in any way.
  3. Issue solved, for me at least... If you are running a jailbroken iOS device and have the tweak Cloaky installed, that is probably the culprit. There was a recent update of that tweak to version 1.7.1, and I realized that updating that tweak was the only thing that had changed on my iDevices before Evernote stopped working. I uninstalled Cloaky, and that immediately fixed Evernote for me. I am told that the developer of Cloaky has fixed the problem and that version 1.7.8 no longer causes this issue. I haven't personally tried it (I am now using HideMe 7 for the same functionality), so I can't v
  4. Both my iPhone and iPad apps are crashing suddenly. I deleted and reinstalled the iPad app and now it just freezes on the sign in page (won't even let me enter my login information) and then crashes after 30 secs or so. I am on the road and have no access to my information, so it's a bit of an emergency.
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