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  1. I don't understand the apparent lack of response to the considerable outrage over the disaster that is Evernote 10. I have been an Evernote user since December of 2011 and I am absolutely furious with you for changing the setup of my screen. I had my desktop, notebook and phone setup the way *I* wanted it. I do not give a damn about what you think as to how I should set things up.

    First of all, I want to be able to have the note title above the note text. The new version only allows the list of notes to be arrange vertically on the left, with the note text on the right. If other people want to set up that way, fine. But I can see no way to reconfigure my Evernote screen. I cannot believe the arrogance it shows to your customers that you don't allow customization. 

    I want to customize Evernote MY way, NOT yours.

    Similar comments to these are all over the boards here, yet we get nothing from Evernote recognizing our dissatisfaction. 

    Many Evernote users are upset because you replaced a solid version of software with a "work in progress". You eliminated many features we've been accustomed to using. The new version only allows the list of notes to be arranged vertically on the left, with note text on the right. I want to do what I've always done: note titles on top, note text below. You don't get to decide that your way is better than mine. Software should be reliable, meaning it works the same way every time. I don't have any need to rework a major productivity tool.

    People are angry that installing v10 wiped out their original setups. 

    The promise of a new, improved, faster version was great, but that is NOT what we got. 

    Pretty colors are cute, but that's hardly a priority over being able to configure our interface the way WE want, as opposed to the way YOU want.

    Users are complaining they don't seem to be able to store a copy of their database locally. This causes slow changes between notes while they are being pulled from the server.

    Notes don't work without an internet connection. 

    You eliminated the Shortcuts/Bookmarks bar.

    The size of the notes columns increased so you can only see a few of them at a time. You should not be using up our vertical space on our screen, like you did when you forced us to accept a huge bar (in earlier versions) where the search bar was placed whether we liked it or not. Plus it uses up 3/4" of screen space to show the dropdown for "All Notes" and below that a list of the total number of notes i have. I DON'T WANT OR NEED THAT INFORMATION THERE. I use the note bar on the left to access notebooks, not the dropdown. Vertical space matters on smaller screens, don't force us to accept such nonsense. 

    There's been an enormous number of posts criticizing the new version. Like in the past, you have not acknowledged our concerns, or at least I've never seen it. One time when I complained about the excessive vertical space issue, some Evernote staffer told me that was necessary to keep compatibility for Mac users. What a stupid response. You need to do much better on building trust with your customers. I cannot believe the callous disregard for our opinions demonstrated by Evernote. I was an early Evernote evangelist, but now, I'm becoming strongly  dissatisfied. 

    You can do better and you should do better. Shame on you all for such a terrible release.

    Richard Ruby

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