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  1. That's alright... I forgot to explain - I'm in Australia! Our College is from Foundation (prep) to Year 12. I have also logged a ticket with Evernote today.
  2. Thank you all, particularly Scott. megsaint: We cannot allow our students (9-12 year olds) to access this app for legal reasons, due to the current 17+ rating. What is the best way to contact Evernote support? Their support form on the website seems to be very slow and crash repeatedly.
  3. Evernote now has a 17+ rating, due to 'a built in web browser that theoretically could be used to view adult content, as such Apple requires the 17+ rating’. This being available in their new update. As our Colleges 1:1 iPad programme restrict apps to a 9+ rating, these students will have it automatically removed from their device. Consequently, there is nothing that we can do to fix this issue at this point in time, and teaching staff will have issues using this app within their classes. As a College, our students do not require a built in web browser, so surely educational institutions can be omitted from this update or a plug-in version provided for other users. This has jeopardised our educational outcomes in subjects such as English, Mathematics and Humanities; where the students predominately use Evernote to note-take and upload their assessments. Any troubleshooting or solutions would be great ASAP.
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