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  1. Thank you very much! I deleted everything that looked like "com.evernote" except I was unable to delete a folder in the root-folder (my phone is not rooted) called "mnt/asec./com.evernote-1" and has subfolders "lib" and "lost+found" and a file with and evernote icon called "pkg.apk". I also have a folder on my phone directory called EVERNOTE which contains all the photos and doc-photos I ever took with evernote. Nothing else. I guessed I don't have to delete this. When I try to reinstall evernote I still have the same problem with the same error message. I tried to restart the phone with and without external card. No change However, there is another bug, (related or not to the bug with reinstalling evernote) I can only start the phone without the external SDCard... Any advise? Will try to search in Android forums... Thanks again! B
  2. Hallo, I'm have been using Evernote App for Android 4.3 on Galaxy SIII (German) for quite some time. Yesterday I have decided to move evernote from my internal phone memory to my SD Card. Unfortunately, this did not work for some reason and I cannot start Evernote anymore. Even worse: Android tells me evernote APP doesn't exist. When I try to reinstall from Google play it downloads the app and - when it starts to install - I get the "unknown error code at istallation '-24' " (In German: Unbekannter Fehlercode beim Installieren der App "-24") What can I do to be able to reinstall? Burkhard
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