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  1. Excellent, thanks a lot - after my experiences with other devices I did not dare to hope it could work like this. The differences seem to be really small. If I am not asking too much, could you also attach the PDF file itself, so that detailed inspection is possible?
  2. Thanks for the demo PDF. I am using a Samsung tablet with S Pen, and while good, it still feels somewhat lacking in the digitizing accuracy and especially the latency }it is also quite expensive, heavy and battery hungry for everyday use). I have tried ordinary Boogie Board, I liked the immediate response and good presure sensitivity and now I am considering buying BB Sync. Before I do, I would like to confirm how well the digitizer works. Could any of you guys already using the device capture some demo PDF which would show some more advanced features, like: - are thin and thick lines distinguished in the PDF capture? - how about fast strokes / lines - are they reproduced accurately? The best way would be to draw something with thin and thick lines and some handwriting as well, and to post the resulting PDF side by side with the screen photo of the device, so that it is easy to compare the caputre quality visually.
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