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  1. Great! Just confirming that I also use FastScripts to run this.
  2. Just noticed that I had 'theNote' rather than 'thisNote' in the sub-routine. Changed the whole sub to 'thisNote' and it no longer works. So I suspect I was getting lucky that the sub had 'theNote' (which matched the main body). Let me know if you have any advice on how to structure the sub. Otherwise, works fine with the set reminder commands inline. Thanks again, George
  3. Thanks! Super helpful. I was able to implement using this. Your code seemed to reference the note processing as a sub-routine, so I tried that as follows. This code seems to work when I run it in FastScripts, but fails per the attached screen cap when I run it in the Script Editor. Any idea why? Thanks again, George tell application "Evernote" activate set theNotes to selection repeat with theNote in theNotes set theNoteType to ProcessNote(theNote) end repeat end tell on ProcessNote(thisNote) set reminder order of theNote to missing value set reminder time of theNote to missing value set reminder done time of theNote to missing value set reminder order of theNote to missing value end ProcessNote
  4. Thanks for that, got me over the line. Here's what I ended up with - tell application "Evernote" activate set theSelection to get selection set theNote to item 1 of theSelection set reminder order of theNote to missing value set reminder time of theNote to missing value set reminder done time of theNote to missing value set reminder order of theNote to missing value end tell For some reason I had to set the reminder order twice to get it to fully change. But this script does the trick. Any idea how I could mod this to do it for a list of notes selected in Evernote? Cheers, George
  5. Hi! In in a previous thread (below) I was working on automating some of my regular workflow with AppleScript. This time around, I'm trying to remove the reminder from a note using AppleScript. I am able to mark it compete using this kind of move - set reminder done time of theNote to (current date) However, what I want to do is remove the reminder altogether. The equivalent functionality in EN for OSX would be when you click on the reminder 'clock', and you get the option to [Clear Reminder]. I've done some reading on EN AppleScript properties (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/applescript.php), but noticed that they've dropped remidners from this altogether. I think they were there, but perhaps not support is fading...? Either way, there's no information on how to remove a reminder here. I've also tried assigning 'missing value' to a few of the reminder order and reminder done time properties but no luck. Any steers or suggestions welcome! George
  6. And if you want the reminder to be at 9 AM the next day, you can set myRemind like this.
  7. DTLow - beaut! Here's the (a?) winning move to make the reminder tomorrow. And as a special bonus, this one will mark the reminder as completed as of (current date). Thanks for sounding this out with me. Hopefully it will help someone else. George
  8. Thanks DTLow, I have modified the script as follows, referencing reminder time. However, it's still throwing an error. Perhaps the issue with my script is how I'm selecting the note? As I mentioned, I am able to assign and unassign tags to notes set in this way. But perhaps there's some issue when it comes to the date...? If anyone has done this and can post a complete script, would be great to give it a try. George
  9. Hi! I'm not new to Evernote, but new to the forum, and new to AppleScripts. I am seeing AppleScripts could be quite powerful in helping me automate a couple of my more routine work flows. I have managed to get an AppleScript running to assign and unassign tags to a note, and to move it to a new notebook. However, what I'd like to do now is to set the reminder on a given note to 'Tomorrow' as a part of the AppleScript. Here's my current AppleScript - And here's the output I'm getting when I run it - I have read several other threads where people describe a similar problem. However, having gleaned all I can from those threads (and a number of other spots on the internet), I can't quite crack this one. To the point where I'm not sure if this is even possible...? I note that the formatting of the date in the error message is a bit odd. And perhaps this is causing an issue. However, I can't see any obvious way to get AppleScript to output the date in any other formats. (Besides some hideous hacks that manually assemble a date string - but seems like it should be easier.) I have played around with as date, as string, as text, but none of them seem to help. I have tried applying the date directly as (current date), or calculating the myRemind variable as per the above and the message basically remains the same. I also played around with setting 'reminder time' vs. 'reminder order', but also no luck. And tried changing the 'modification date' field to see if that made a difference. And also trying 'date string' to get only the day part of it, and not the time. But none of those paths seemed to win. I feel like I'm close above, but missing some small point. And would welcome any suggestions, links (with working part or whole solutions), and/or some better documentation of the expected date format on the one hand, and how to get that from (current date) on the other. Some configuration infomration - OS X 10.11.5, and Evernote 6.6.1. Thanks for any suggestions you can offer. George
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