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  1. Same here, Have you guys tried alternatives? Notability is ugly, nebo is ugly and does OCR for no reasons, Paper has the right UI but the detection is bad.
  2. Gazumped, I do, that's why I'd like to use them everywhere, Jefito, true, that's a way to see saved search and apparently the current implementation. Saved searches are a replacement for the Notebook system when you start using tagging, and it renders offline synchronisation useless: No arrangement of Notebooks can capture "all articles I need to review", "all tasks for project W", "all tasks that can be done offline", basic tagging rules can.
  3. Hey Gazumped, thanks for the advice, In my case, that won't scale, all my notes are in a "Processed" notebook. These saved searches are far from being first class citizen in Evernote aren't they? Hard to find at first, hard to edit, useless for offline synchronisation...
  4. Hello Everenoters, a question for you, I've moved to an organization based on tags, it makes my workflow much cleaner and notes are easy to retrieve at the right moment. When I'm offline, I want to have access to all my notes tagged read & work for example. Is there a way to store notes matching a saved search for offline use on Android?
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