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  1. I really try to use Tasks. The combination with the notes for a trip or work does work quite well. Only you need to be able to complete a list like Things does. Completely true that they must enhance the tooling. And no irritation what so ever, this is still the first version
  2. Haha that is completely understandable. Most of us had the same problem with the mail. Good intented, bad executed. If they waited with the new plans nothing was wrong (by not raising the prices).
  3. Yeah I understand that matter. It do look a lot when you have single tasks that add on to a whole list. I personally like the app Things where you can see a pie chart on how much is finished. And besides that, there is a drop down element in the left menu at every note. But when you have multiple mail and there is only one task I think that you must train to use the overview in an own way. You can filter on new/old ones so the technique is ready for your work method.
  4. Hi @PinkElephant, good question and addition to my topic. I am currently building a CRM system. I now have my template ready, this does not (yet) comply with a standard CSV format, but I would like to. For EN you can imagine that there can be 3 templates. Family, Friends and Business. These should be marked as @tag related in AND and also contain associated notes in the Contact section I suggest. Evernote has of course been around for a while so I don't think notes before 1-1-2021 should participate. Or be marked on a personal basis with a suggestion screen. At this moment I manually take over everything from the contact app. Because you of course have different import options from Android, Windows and Apple, I would make additions easy with a 1-to-1 import option so that you can control this yourself. Of course you could have a thousand contacts, you will probably have a small circle that you find important. Then start with that personally. From there you can link EN yourself better and better and enable you to link this to a person if you are looking for one. Other toolings don't have this as far as I know.
  5. I really miss a “Hello” functionality. I have multiple devices where contact information is stored. iOS, Android and Windows. I want Evernote to be the place to retrieve the information of that contacts. Not by a template I now use but as a vital csv element within Evernote. And as a second brain it makes sense that persons are part of your brain. Maybe you can also link to those persons within your notes. When you search for the name or beneath the contact information in the new to build section. Anyone that feel this the same?
  6. Very annoying. Haven’t done something with it. I’ll contact support tomorrow. It is 22:18 in my timezone.
  7. Can someone help? When I send someting trough a snippet in Safari to Evernote it keeps telling me it needs to load the note. Up to 5 notes already. And you can't click it away, it keeps coming back. Very annoing. It does the same on iPadOS though.
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