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  1. i manage to find a workaround; by using iOS presentation option. the only drawback is music will be paused when launching the presentation option.
  2. Hi, I was wondering if there's a way i can read a web article i clipped on evernote for iOS without accidentally triggering the keyboard function? Currently, I have to copy the article from evernote and paste it to Drafts. Drafts has a read/write toggle function. I wish the evernote team can consider implementing this feature for those who just want to read articles in evernote.
  3. i reinstalled the app for my iPhone and the problem still persists. i was wondering if it's due to the number of tags i have.
  4. I am using I tried disabling show details for notes and notebooks and only show details for tags. It stills doesn't work. Perhaps I need to reinstall the app but it takes quite some time to sync. I was wondering could it be I have too little tags 10 to be exact. I don't have problem with notes, notebooks and shortcuts. Just tags.
  5. Hi, i have enabled show details for tags under customized home screen. But it does not show my tags. This function works for my notes and notebooks. Strangely, it does not work for but my EN iOS app for iphone and ipad. Help!
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