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  1. A bit late, maybe, but I'd like to add that there are 2 distinct requirements to address:

    1. Some people ask for having a way to import images with smaller size 

    2. Some people ask to be able to DISPLAY images smaller in the notes, but keeping the original size.


    Requirement 2. is my case:

    I'd like to keep the original size and resolution of the images, but also to make it appear smaller in the note (as I can do in any MS Word doc) by dragging the edge or the corner of the image with the mouse for example.

    One could even have the text going around it as somebody else proposed.

    With a double click the full resolution image could pop up (it's important if you include high res scientific plots, and you want to look at the details), but otherwise the note could appear small and leave most of the space for the rest of the note.


    Same for me. I do not want to modify the actual image size. I know I can shrink the image using some external software, but this would be a "lossy" procedure that downgrades the image.

    I just want to adjust the size of the image as shown in Evernote. I found that right-clicking on a PDF image in the note on a Mac gives you the option to zoom-in and zoom-out, which helps a lot. However, I would like to change the default behaviour. The current one is: make the image as big as the the Evernote window, which is clearly not useful as in many cases one is dealing with small images or PDF files, like equations from LatexIt, pieces of text, signatures or small images. The default behaviour should be similar to that of Powerpoint: when pasting/dragging an image in Evernote, the program should use the actual size of the image. If that is larger than the screen size, shrink it to fit the screen, but otherwise leave it as it is.

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