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  1. If you are familiar with Markdown, consider using marxi.co (http://marxi.co/) which allows you to easily include a Table of Content with the command [TOC]. Each entry in the Table of Content will be a header created with the #, ##, ### commands.
  2. Same for me. I do not want to modify the actual image size. I know I can shrink the image using some external software, but this would be a "lossy" procedure that downgrades the image. I just want to adjust the size of the image as shown in Evernote. I found that right-clicking on a PDF image in the note on a Mac gives you the option to zoom-in and zoom-out, which helps a lot. However, I would like to change the default behaviour. The current one is: make the image as big as the the Evernote window, which is clearly not useful as in many cases one is dealing with small images or PDF files, lik
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