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  1. I want anything with my name and address encrypted. The search function is an add on that would be nice but not necessary for such data. It is my choice to want to do that with anything that I would put online and I believe that with recent data breaches, including Evernote 2013, a choice by the end user would be a solution. With respect to the wheels off analogy, I suppose that I would like to be able to put the wheels on myself and drive off! There is no way to do this. Notebook databases are not shared across any devices (even separates devices that use the same operating system); each device maintains its own copies of your notebooks that are populated by downloading notes from the Evernote server, which knows nothing of how notes are stored on your local device. And the databases on different devices may have different formats and/or storage requirements, so sharing via e.g., Dropbox is almost certainly a no-go (you Android device probably wouldn't know what to do with a Mac version database if it could get hold of one, and vice-versa) A simple schematic: [[Device 1: note database]] <== note sync ==> [[Evernote server: note database]] <== note sync ==> [[Device 1: note database]] Only notes are synced, databases are not. Thanks for the straight answer. What are the alternatives that people are aware off or using.
  2. encrypted evernote notebooks and def not encrypted evernote text

  3. This applies to all OS versions, but, at present, for me, the issue is for a Mac and Android phone and tablet. I'm am aware that Evernote cannot encrypt a whole notebook for various reasons of lost functionality. I dont really accept these reasons. Its like saying "a car would be easier to start, share with unlimited people, if only we didnt have those key thingies". Anyway, I accept that I have not been able to find a way to do it with my limited skill level. Please dont anyone mention the encrypted text - it does not meet my needs in anyway. I am currently a premium customer until 11 February 2015. I have cancelled my rolling subscription and wont resubscribe if Evernote are not going to allow some way of a client side encrypted notebook; I filled the feedback form with the following "I need encrypted notebooks". 1. Is there a way that I can encrypt my notebooks, notebook at a time, on a Mac and use them on an Android? 2. What are the best Evernote alternatives, out of Beta (Turtl looks promising but carries a Beta warning) that people are thinking of using to secure their data, when their current premium subscription runs out? It's a real pity because I've really come to rely on Evernote, with multiple OS access seems to future proof it against changing hardware by users. Pommy
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